Posted by: Misha | April 16, 2009

Game 1 Thoughts: Pens vs. Flyers, Capitals vs. Rangers

I chose to watch the Pen vs. the Flyers, though I flipped back and forth and I watched recaps of all the games. I really like the Pens and really hate the Flyers so this is a series that I’m going to get emotionally involved in.

The Pens looked good last night. It was a solid game and I’m confident in my prediction of Pens in 5. Crosby and Malkin have two points each in the first game, which makes me think that anyone who picked either of them in a hockey pool is feeling pretty confident. It’s not that I think that Philly is a bad team, I don’t, I just have a lot of confidence in Pittsburgh.

I prediced the Capitals in six and honestly, I’m sticking with that despite last night’s results. One game does not a series make. One of my reasons for picking Washington was Ovechkin, who got two assists lsat night, not a bad showing at all. This will be a close series, tightly fought, since the Rangers won’t go down without a fight. From what I saw of last night’s game, it was a good one and this could be the best series of the first round.


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