Posted by: Misha | April 17, 2009

Game 1 Thoughts: Blackhawks vs. Flames, Ducks vs. Sharks

I didn’t watch either of these games, since I had to make it an early night last night (boo!).But as always I caught recaps and highlights this morning.

Chicago vs. Calgary, our first OT game of the Playoffs, though I’m not sure 12 seconds really counts. I love OT, though once you hit the third or fourth period of it, my patience wains. Still, for me there’s nothing more exciting than an overtime game, because that’s when you know you have good, close hockey. So yay to the Flames and the Blackhawks for kicking it off!

Both teams looked good last night, keeping it close and making it a true fight to the finish. I’m still going with the Blackhawks on this one, but am excited by the idea of an interesting series. I think  the Blackhawks are really hungry and that they want it badly, which I think will make the difference.

Onto Anaheim vs. San Jose. San Jose outshot the Ducks 35-17, but the goals just weren’t getting in and that’s a big credit to Hiller. If he can keep up like that, shutting down the Sharks offence, then we might see a big upset in this series. Though, I still think the Sharks will come back, since they kept it close most of the game and they never stopped pressing their offence.


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