Posted by: Misha | April 17, 2009

Game 1 Thoughts: Canucks vs. Blues, Devils vs. Canes

So yay for the Canucks winning last night! I only saw highlight of both these games, but I liked what I saw.

The Canucks looked pretty solid and 2-1 is a respectable score. In my opinion, it’s actually ideal. I like close games, but 1-0 games are incredibly boring. I’m not sure what I’m predicting for game 2, except that the Blue haven’t lost back to back games in three months, so I’m sure they’ll be back in fighting shape tomorrow. No way this will be an easy series, but I do believe the Canucks will emerge victorious.

Neither the Devils nor the Canes are teams I’m particularly crazy about, so this is probably the least interesting series in my opinion. I will point out that New Jersey both out-shot and out-scored Carolina, so from my observations of last night, I was being a little over-optimistic in predicting a seven game. However one game does not a series make and I’ve seen lots of teams have a bad first game and come back to win a series, or at least prolong it, which is what I’m predicting for Carolina. I’m postive the Devils will win this one, but I’d like to see the Canes make them fight for it.


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