Posted by: Misha | April 19, 2009

Sports vs. Games

So, I’m back from my weekend out of town. Didn’t actually get to do any sports watching, not even one little hockey game (gasp!). I’m going to catch up tonight and I’ll have posts on this weekend’s games up by tomorrow afternoon. I’m also going to catch Smackdown and give you my thoughts on it as well.

Sorry for the delay, apparently not everyone is a sports fan. Though, we did go bowling. I’m never sure if I really consider bowling a sport. I mean TSN shows it sometimes and it’s a “Wii Sport”, but I’m not sure. The problem with bowling is that it’s something I’d much rather do, than watch someone else do. I mean, I have no desire to play pro football, but I love to watch it. On the other hand, I’d rather play poker than watch someone else play it (The Man loves watching Celebrity Poker).

There are some sports I’m borderline with, meaning I can do them, but I still consider them a watchable sport.  I’m a competent skier, but I don’t mind watching it. Same with horsebacking. I took figure skating lessons and played baseball growing up and I consider them both sports (though I find baseball terribly dull). With figure skating and skiing, I have an appreciation for the athletes based on my experiences, plus I find I understand it better. And we all know that I love the WWE and it’s not really a sport at all, since the results are pre-determined and yet athletiscism is still required.

Maybe the difference is that I consider poker and bowling more games than sports. They’re fun pastimes, away to kill an hour, but I’m not going to work up a sweat doing either. I guess, I consider sports to at least to have to involve some athletic ability and physical exertion. Or maybe it’s just that I’m really bad at both poker and bowling, it totally could be that



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