Posted by: Misha | April 20, 2009

DiBiases Holds His Own on Smackdown

My first though on Friday’s Smackdown is, didn’t we just have a draft? What are half these guys still doing on Smackdown??? I don’t really care, personally, I prefer things the way they were before 2002, when talent appeared equally on both Raw and Smackdown. However, if the point of a draft is to have separate rosters, then you should keep them separate.

The Batista/DiBiase match was really good. It was the better than I expected. Though, I’m not sure what the point of seeing each third of the triple threat match go before Backlash, still it’s entertaining. Since this whole Legacy storyline has started, I amuse myself for making up dialogue for Rhodes/DiBiase and the things I imagine they’re saying backstage. Before Friday’s match I imagine it went something like this:
Rhodes: “I want Shane.”
DiBiase: “No I want Shane, you take on the Animal.”
Rhodes: “No, I’m always getting beat on, anyone else remember the cage???”
Because, of course, Cody Rhodes faced Shane McMahon for the first episode of Super-Stars. It amuses me that Orton’s lackeys always seem to take a bigger beating than Orton himself. Honestly, though, DiBiases held his own much better than I expected him too. Normally, I don’t have much of an opinion of him, but this match he stood out and impressed.

The Gail Kim/Maryse match was good. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of Gail Kim since her return to the WWE and I’m glad they’re booking her strong. I’m interested to see what the next couple months hold for her. I think she’s my favourite Smackdown diva and I could definitely see her challenging for the title, which would be cool.

The John Morrison/R-Truth match was meh. Still, Morrison winning was a good sign. So far he’s 2-0 as a single’s wrestler since his split with The Miz. I’m curious to see how The Miz fares tonight, I suspect it won’t be as well. I imagine they were split up so that Morrison could get a bigger push. They’re both talented, but I think Morrison certainly has the potential to be a big star. He’s young, talented, charismatic and good-looking, and the WWE certainly needs to start pushing younger guys into main event roles and I think Morrison can be one of those guys.

The rest of Smackdown wasn’t that interesting to me. I honestly, rarely find all two hours of Smackdown worth watching. Raw is definitely the better brand, which is one more reason I’d like to see the two rosters disappear and have both shows treated equally.


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