Posted by: Misha | April 21, 2009

Triple H/Orton Match Delivers… Three Weeks Too Late

Is anyone else a little sad by the fact that Randy Orton and Triple H had a much better match on a regular episode of Raw than they did at Wrestlemania? Last night’s match is what their Mania match should have been. There was violence and interference and… An Orton win. Do I like Randy Orton? No. Do I like Triple H? Yes. Do I think that Triple H should have won at Mania? No.

The storyline would have been better if Orton had won the title, because then he would have suceeded in taking everything away from Triple H and Triple H would have had to fight to get it back, to regain his honour. It would have been great, gripping storyline. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part, I’ve enjoyed the storyline, I just found the Mania match to be flat, especially after all the build-up. Last night delivered and hopefully Backlash will be able to follow through on the promise.

Someone’s turnin’ at Backlash. Could it be one of Triple H’s allies, since they seem to be falling apart? Possibly, but I don’t see it. Instead, I think one of the Legacy members is going to turn on Orton. Not necessarily turn face, mind you, but I think either DiBiase or Rhodes will break from Legacy. There was so much emphasis on Legacy as a cohesive unit, while Triple H’s team was made up of hot heads who couldn’t get along and it just seemed like a sign to me…

The John Cena/Jericho match was good, but it went on too long. Does Cena never tap? Seriously, it’s a bit annoying. Maybe it’s because I’ve just never seen the huge appeal of John Cena. He’s an ok wrestler, but not one of my favourites. The only time I really like him is with Edge, since I think they have great chemistry. I’m sure this Sunday’s match will be a good one.

The Santino/Santina Marella stuff is hilarious. It’s pretty stupid, but I’m enjoying it. I think it’s good comic relief.

Poor Chavo, getting Batista bombed twice, I think he should learn to keep his mouth shut, huh? The Kane/CM Punk match was good, as was the Rey Mysterio/Big Show match. Apparently for me to find Rey Mysterio interesting to watch he has to be booked against soemone more than twice his size, good to know.

All in all, it was a good show and it did it’s job by making me anxious for Backlash this Sunday…


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