Posted by: Misha | April 23, 2009

Game 2 & 3 Thoughts: Sharks vs. Ducks

My Sharks finally managed to win a game! Here’s hoping that’s a sign as to how the rest of the series is going to go. Games two nad three were good and they were close. This series is tight, well-fought and could honstly go either way.

I knew it’d be a challenge for the Sharks since Anaheim was on fire at the end of the season. This might be a first seed vs. an eight seed, but there’s more to it than total # of points accumulated by the end of the season. The Sharks were the best team in the NHL this season, but the Ducks might have been the best team of the second half and that’s definitely showing in this series.

Goal-tending is a big part of it too. The Sharks out-shot the Ducks 42-26 in game two and yet the Ducks got the victory, because they managed to make one more goal connect. Even in game three, Hiller managed to stop 31 shots, though he still let four shots in. I’m not saying Nabokov is playing badly he’s not, but for the most part, Hiller is playing beter and that might be the edge the Ducks need to win this series. Though, personally, I’m hoping not.


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