Posted by: Misha | April 23, 2009

Game 3, 4, & 5 Thoughts: Flames vs. Blackhawks

I’ve totally been falling behind on this one. Sorry, guys, blame it on my evil exams. The last one’s tomorrow, so then blogging gets to be my top priority, at least until the 11th when the summer semester starts. Isn’t the student life just grand?

This series is incredibly close and I’m thinking it’ll go the seven games, since it can’t go the five games I originally predicted. It has to go at least six, given that it’s 2-2. I have no idea who I’m giving the advantage to, though so far the home team has won every game which would give the advantage to the Hawks. The series have also been closer than the scores of games 1 & 2 would say and the Hawks keep out-shooting the Flames, even if in games 2 & 4, the Flames manged to outscore the Hawks.

I still think the Hawks are hungrier than the Flames and that they’re going to win this one. I mean, the Flames are obviously going to make them fight for it, but I’m still predicting a Chicago victory, even if that makes me a bad Canadian. I have to admit, I’ve only been seeing highlights of this seires, that damned school thing again. After tomorrow, I promise to watch every available game like a good little blogger.


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