Posted by: Misha | April 23, 2009

Series Thoughts: Bruins vs. Habs

It’s exam time, so I fell behind and so I’m combing three games into one for this one. Oops. Ok, I thought history was on Montreal’s side, that Boston would  pysch themselves out and lose like they always did in the past. This time, they were able to overcome their history and just be the better team and they really were.

It wasn’t even close. Boston out played Montreal in every game, in every way. If they’d lost, it would have been a travesty and they would have had to really screw up. That didn’t happen, of course, and the Bruins managed to get a clean sweep on their hated rivals. Plus, now they have more than a week off to rest of the next series, which always helps.

Personally, I hate Montreal, so I enjoyed this outcome. Yeah, I’m a little sad to have been so off base, but I knew that there was a good chance that would happen, since I was using history and a psychological edge has my reasons, which is iffy at best. Now that Boston has beat Montreal, I think they may make it all the way. But I’ll save those thoughts for my round two predictions.

It was a good series and I enjoyed it, even if it was short! But then, there’s something sastifying about a clean sweep sometimes, I have to admit.


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