Posted by: Misha | April 26, 2009

Backlash Predictions

Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy
Conventional wisdom says that Jeff should win since Matt’s been booked so strong to this point and Jeff’s the face… However, with rumours of Jeff Hardy leaving the WWE soon, I think Matt’s going to win this one, to solidify his position as a top heel. Matt could use a solid push and this storyline has been doing a good job of generating heat for him and I think they’re going to go all the way with it. If Jeff does leave the WWE, no doubt the writers will have his brother taking credit for it.
My Pick: Matt Hardy

CM Punk vs. Kane
I’m really hoping that CM Punk wins this one, because it looks like he’s on the verge of the big push that he deserves. I love Punk, think he’s one of the biggest young talents in the business and I’d love to see him become a super star. For that reason, I think he’s going to win tonight’s match and he’s going to continue to be booked strong in the next couple of months, before he eventually cashes in Money in the Bank.
My Pick: CM Punk

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat
I’m really hoping that Jericho wins this one. I have no idea why this story line started in the first place or what the point of having Chris Jericho wrestle the old-timers is, but I hope that tonight is the end of it. I’m not dreading this match the way I was the Wrestlemania one, since Steamboat showed then that he’s actually still got some gas left in the tank, but I still would rather see Chris Jericho used in a better way than this and am hoping after tonight he’ll be able to move on to better things.
My Pick: Chris Jericho

Christian vs. Jack Swagger for the ECW Championship
Christian should hopefully win this one. Since coming back from TNA, he’s been buried on ECW and if that has to happen, I’d like to at lease see him get the ECW Championship. I don’t hate Jack Swagger, but I thought his No Way Out match was terrible and I hope for better things tonight. I have faith that Christian can deliver a great match, hopefully Swagger can too. I’m a huge Christian fan and I’d love to see bigger things for him than are happening at the moment, but maybe this will only be a stepping stone for him. I hope so.
My Pick: Christian

John Cena vs. Edge for the World Heavy Weight Championship
I would say Edge has to win this one since Raw has two titles at the moment and Smackdown has none. Yes, CM Punk could cash in Money in the Bank and grab the title away from Cena after he’s defended it, but since Punk has his own match I don’t see that happening. No, I think Edge is coming out the victor this time. The promo’s for this match have been really good and they’ve created a good feeling of animosity between them to get the audience invested in their battle. Edge is a very sympathetic heel (at least I think so) and his desperation to regain his title is strangely appealing.
My Pick: Edge

Triple H, Batista, and Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase Jr., and Cody Rhodes for the WWE Championship
Someone’s a turnin’ that’s for sure, the problem is I’m not sure who. Conventional wisdom says it should be either Batista or Shane and that Randy Orton will get the title, which always had to happen and then the feud’ll continue for another PPV until Triple H gets his revenge. And yet… I think this story line is played out and I think it’ll be DiBiase or Rhodes who turns tonight, bringing the end of Legacy and setting up new storylines and feuds. So I think Triple H’s side will win, which is too bad since Orton should get the title soon. I don’t like his character, but he’s a great wrestler and he deserves a title shot.
My Pick: Triple H, Shane McMahon and Dave Batista


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