Posted by: Misha | April 26, 2009

Smackdown Delivers Strong Build-Up to Backlash

I will give credit that both John Cena and Edge know how to cut a good program, I just don’t like listening to Cena talk. However, the bulid-up for their match tonight has been fantastic. This is much better than the build-up to Wrestlemania with the silly triangle aspect, this instead deals with the rivlary between the two men and their natural loathing for each other.

I wasn’t surprised by the result of the Gail Kim/Maryse match since I knew that Maryse would be taking her title with her when she left Smackdown, after all Melina will be bringing hers with her. I’d like to see Gail Kim get another title shot soon, though. One question about their going to do things since as of right now the champion and the #1 contender on Raw are both heels, while on Smackdown they’re both faces. Obviously someone is turnin’ on Smackdown which has too many face divas and as for Raw… Maybe someone else will get a big push, Mickie James maybe?

The Jeff Hardy promo was stupid, but I’m glad as to how strong Matt is looking these days. I’m a big Matt Hardy fan and I’d love to see him get a big push. The Big Show/Undertaker match was intereting as well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Taker been thrown around so easily… I guess they want to book the Big Show as strong as possible these days as he moves to Raw.

As for the main event, it was good. Batsita and Shane looked like a solid team which is a bad sign for tonight’s match, but then Legacy looked solid too, despite their loss, so I don’t know. It was a good match all together and I certainly enjoyed it. The WWE is doing a good job of showing Legacy as the heel faction, how they can only win if they cheat or have the numbers advantage. It helps generate heat, which is always a good thing. Still, I think this angle is coming to a close and I can’t say I’ll be sad to see it end.


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