Posted by: Misha | April 29, 2009

Series Thoughts: Pens vs. Flyers

I knew the Pens could do it, I had a lot of faith in this team, though after their performance in game five, I was a little worried, but I had faith that this young, hot team could do good things and they’ve at least made it into the second round.

It’s not that the Pens were that much superior to the Flyers, they weren’t. The Flyers matched them performance-wise throughout the series, it was just that Marc-Andre Fleury was by far the better goaltender, there were times in this series where he appeared to be all-but standing on his head to stop goals. It’s a good thing that he’s capable it, but worrying if the Pens are going to keep putting that much pressure on him, since a goalie can only take so much before he starts to crack.

I’m not sure the Pens entirely deserved to win this one, but they managed to secure their victory and that’s all that matters. It’s onto Round Two for the Pens!


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