Posted by: Misha | April 29, 2009

Series Thoughts: Rangers vs. Capitals

This is the series that intrigued The Man the most, especially the last few games. It was really good hockey and I was impressed by the way Washington came back and took control. Washington made it clear that they weren’t going out without out a fight and they didn’t.

Games five and six weren’t that exciting to watch, since the Rangers were clearly out-played, but game seven was everything a seventh game was meant to be, definitely a nail biter. I said that Ovechkin would be a force in this series and he was, getting 7 points in 7 games. It’ll be interesting to see how Ovechkin and Semin fare when they go head to head with Crosby and Malkin in the next round, young talent vs. young talent.

I think Washington deserved to win this series, I think they fought for it with the kind of passion that you need to succeed in the play-offs and that they absoloutely deserve to advance to the next round, even if it took them a game longer than I thought it would.


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