Posted by: Misha | May 7, 2009

CM Punk steps up on Smackdown

My first comment on Smackdown was that Edge and Jericho should cross paths more often because their banter was fantastic. These are two of the best mic-workers in the business and it was nice to see them get to interact. It was also nice to see that CM Punk was able to hold his own with the two of them, verbally, since that’s not an easy task. The match with Edge was good as well and I liked that he got a clean victory (though Umaga interfered at the end). Each week I’m becoming more and more impressed with CM Punk and more convinced that this time he’s getting a serious push.

I’m not sure what to think of John Morrison attacking Chris Jericho since it makes me think that Morrison is getting a face turn and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Morrison is such a delightfully cocky heel, so arrogant and self-absorbed and I’m not sure how they’re going to make it so that the fans are actually relating to him. But I could be wrong, so for the time being, I’ll withhold judgement.

The fatal four-way was ok. I’m not a Jeff Hardy fan so the idea of him getting a shot at the title made me groan. I would have much rather seen Jericho win the match, but apparently I’m in the minority with my hatred of Jeff Hardy. Sigh. Still, the match itself wasn’t bad, but a bit boring.

Still not sure what I think about the crossover with The View and the WWE, but I’m not in marketing. Whatever works, right?


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