Posted by: Misha | May 17, 2009

Judgement Day Predictions

I know I’ve missed my Raw/Smackdown recaps the last two weeks. Honestly, I missed Smackdown both weeks because of a busy schedule and just didn’t have time to blog about Raw. Oops. However, I aim to fix that mistake and I’ll be back on the regular recaps, starting with my Judgement Day predictions.

John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin
I still don’t know how I feel about this new face turn of Morrison’s, but since the WWE has decided to go that way, then I assume they’re going to book Morrison strong and have him beat Benjamin tonight. Both Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison are good performers and I think tonight’s match could be a good one if they don’t rush it and make it seem more like an after thought than a legitimate match.
My Pick: John Morrison

CM Punk vs. Umaga
I still don’t have any idea what Umaga’s problem with Punk is, so this match doesn’t really intrigue me. CM Punk deserves a good push and he should win tonight, given his loss to Kane at Backlash. He’s supposed to be a strong contender and it doesn’t make sense for him to lose at two PPVs in a row. Plus, Chicago is Punk’s home town, so I really do think he’s winning this one.
My Pick: CM Punk

John Cena vs. The Big Show
Another storyline that I have no idea where it’s headed. I like the Big Show, I tolerate Cena, but I’m not enjoying this angle at all. I suspect that since they’ve been selling Cena as injured and there are rumors he needs time off to make another movie, that the Big Show will be winning this one and Cena will disapear off our screens for a little while. Or maybe that’s just wistful thinking.
My Pick: The Big Show

Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship
This is a storyline that has potential to go on for a while. Both Jericho and Mysterio are incredibly talented and I think a long-runing feud between them could be quite interesting to watch. I suspect that Jericho will win the title tonight to give the feud a bit of a boost and help it continue in the months to come.
My Pick: Chris Jericho

Christian vs. Jack Swagger for the ECW Championship
I’m actually glad to see a rematch between these two because their Backlash match was surprisingly good. I think tonight could be a really good match and a good showcase of both of their talents. I’d like to see Christian keep the title, but I think it makes more sense long-term for Swagger to win it. I’d love to see Christian cross paths with Edge again, since their brief onscreen moment was the highlight of Backlash for me and  if Christian drops the title perhaps he can move onto better things than ECW.
My Pick: Jack Swagger

Edge vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Heavy Weight Title
Edge has had a lot of very short title reigns lately and I think this is going to be another one, but I don’t think he’s dropping it to Jeff Hardy. I think Edge is going to beat Jeff Hardy, but it’s going to be an intense match that takes a lot out of him and then CM Punk, fresh off his victory over Umaga, is going to cash in Money in the Bank in his hometown of Chicago and then become Champion.
My Pick: Edge

Randy Orton vs. Batista for the WWE Championship
There have been an awful lot of short title runs lately and it makes no sense for Randy Orton to have just gotten the title after a long build up and then lose it. He’s been made to look like the strongest heel in the WWE and he needs to be booked like that, so he’s got to keep the title for a while longer. I suspect Triple H will show up tonight and cost Batista the title. Either by accident, by attacking Orton and causing a DQ or on purpose as revenge for Batista costing him the title and causing him an injury, resulting in a heel turn for Triple H.
My Pick: Randy Orton



  1. Nice picks, got any for Extreme Rules? 😛

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