Posted by: Misha | May 17, 2009

Series Thoughts: Canes vs. Bruins

I’ve been a bad little worker bee. This summer semester is a lot more intense than I guessed it would be, isn’t that always how it is?

I really wanted the Bruins to win this one, especially when they pushed it into OT in Game 7. I just have a hard time considering the Canes to be a real hockey team, while the Bruins are an original six team and they have a place dear to my heart.

It was a good series, though Boston looked lazy early on, as if overconfident because of their easy win over Montreal. That’s the problem with sweeps sometimes, you’re resting for an awfully long time while your competition is still playing. It can be advantage, because you’ve had time to get healthy and they haven’t, but it can kill the momentum and that’s one of the things that happened to Boston. They came into this series late, because they had a hard time getting emotionally into it, while the Canes had just finished a tough, seven-game series and were still roaring to go. It gave them a slight advantage and in the end, I think it gave them the series.


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