Posted by: Misha | May 17, 2009

Series Thoughts: Wings vs. Ducks

I kept thinking the Ducks were going to take it and they certainly kept fighting for it, even to the bitter end, that’s for sure. Even though Detroit got the early lead in the 7th game, Anaheim never stopped fighting and for a moment it seemed like they might manage a victory.

However, as good as the Ducks are, it seemed that the Wings were just better. It can’t be forgotten that the Wings are the reigning Stanley Cup champions, after all. They’ve done this before and they know how they have to do it if they want to win. Of course, the Ducks were the Champs in 2007, so they’ve been here before too, but this obviously wasn’t there year.

Anaheim gave Detroit quite a fight after Columbus and like the Bruins, it took the Wings a while to get into it, but they found their stride and their determination to win and in the end, they were able to do so. Detroit is an amazing team and they seem to have a special quality in the playoffs, that’s just makes them that much better and just gives them the will to go on when everything says they should give up, but they never do.


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