Posted by: Misha | May 30, 2009

Judgement Day Falls Short

I’m two weeks late, but better late than never right?

Umaga defeated CM Punk
I’m not sure what the wisdom of having CM Punk lose both his PPV matches after winning Money in the Bank is, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Punk’s a talented performer and deserves to be booked solidly. This loss is especially mystifying when you gather how over Punk was in his hometown. It was an okay match I guess, but not a highlight of the night for me and I’m disapointed by the ending.

Christian defeated Jack Swagger to Retain the ECW Championship
This was a good match. Swagger and Christian are both good workers and I enjoyed the finish, with Christian managing to out-maneuver Swagger for the win. Christian and Swagger have  a good in-ring dynamic and work well together and have put up two entertaining PPV matches in a row.

John Morrison defeated Shelton Benjamin
I predicted a Morrison win and in this case, at least, I wasn’t disappointed. It was a good match with two talented performers and Morrison deserved to go over, to help solidify himself as a top baby-face. It was a good match with some nice, athletic moves from both Benjamin and Morrison. These guys are both talented performers and deserve a good push. The post match promo by Morrison’s former partner The Miz helped highlight how much things have changed in such a short time and highlighting the change between Morrison the heel and Morrison the face, showing that Morrison has seemed to change, while The Miz has not. At least that’s how I saw it.

Rey Myster defeated Chris Jericho to retain the Intercontinental Championship
I’m not the biggest fan of Mysterio, but I admit he can deliver an entertaining match, even if he does tend to get a bit repetative at times. However, Jericho rarely disappoints and I was optimistic about this match. It lived up to my expectations and truly delivered. Mysterio and Jericho worked well off each other and gave a great match, even the ending, where Mysterio managed to deliver the 619 despite Jericho’s vows to prevent him from doing so was really good.

Randy Orton defeated Batista to retain the WWE Championship
This was a good match. Having Orton win by DQ was a good idea, because it allowed Orton to retain the title, while Batista was still booked strong which is essential to continuing the feud. I thought that Triple H would return and interfere, so was surprised when instead Batista was accompanied by Ric Flair who helped him fight off Legacy. The return of Flair was a genuine surprise and added an extra pop to an already enjoyable match.

John Cena defeated The Big Show
This match didn’t do anything for me. I’m not a huge fan of either the Big show or Cena as a performer and together I find them dull. I found the ending unsatisfactory as well. Does Cena ever lose to anyone other than Edge? Cena was shown as badly injured in the weeks leading up to Judgment Day and realistically should have lost this match and then demanded a rematch at Extreme Rules, saying that the match wasn’t fair because he wasn’t at 100% health.

Edge defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the World Heavy-Weight Championship
I’m glad that Edge won this one. It was an entertaining match, that’s for sure, but that’s to be expected as both Edge and Hardy are great performers and they have complimentary styles. The interference from Jeff’s brother Matt, interference that helped cost Hardy the match, was a nice touch. It showed that the WWE hadn’t abandoned the Hardy brother feud, but was done in a way where Edge had the advantage, but didn’t win completely because of interferenece. All in all, it was a good main event match.

Judgement Day wasn’t as entertaining as Backlash, but nor was it as bad as Wrestlemania. For me it fell somewhere in the middle. I did like the fact that at Backlash every title changed hands, while at Judgement Day, no title did. There were some good matches, but nothing spectacular. Not the WWE’s best effort by far.



  1. We seem to have very similar opinions on nearly everyone and every match on this card… I don’t know if it’ll post the link to my profile because I’m still figuring it out… But I had two Judgment Day articles up as well.

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