Posted by: Misha | May 30, 2009

Series Thoughts: Wings vs. Hawks

First can I say how good it was to see two Original Six teams face off in the conference final? I’m really not a fan of expansionist hockey, so ths was an especial treat. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there should be only six teams in the league, but I don’t think there should be thirty either. I also believe that hockey should be limited to hockey cities, so as a rule I’m not too crazy about many teams in the Western Conference. However, Detroit and Chicago are real teams and this is a real series.

I honestly thought this would be a longer series (I predicted seven games), but I never doubted that the Wings would emerge victorious. They had grit and experience and as much as Chicago had a will to win, they were up against a much harder opponent than they faced in the first two rounds. The Red Wings performed exactly the way they had to and they got the job done quickly and easily. They showed themselves for the defending champs that they are.

In my opinion, the Blackhawks never played badly, they were just badly outmatched. This was Detroit’s series to lose and they didn’t, they took it home and in the end, Chicago never really had a chance.


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