Posted by: Misha | June 8, 2009

Extreme Rules Delivers Solid Night of Entertainment

First of all, unlike Backlash and Judgment Day where I was 3/6 and 3/7 respectively, I predicted 7/8 of the Extreme Rules matches correctly. Either I’m getting better at predicting where the story-lines are going or they’re getting more predictable. Not sure which one.

Honestly though, Extreme Rules did not disappoint. There was some great extreme action and none of the matches really dragged. There were a few that weren’t as good as the rest, but they were the ones I had the least expectations for and even they were better than I thought they would be.

Kofi Kingston beats Matt Hardy, MVP, William Regal to retain the U.S title
It wasn’t the best match I’ve ever seen, but it was entertaining. I’m a big fan of both Kingston and Matt Hardy, and I think MVP is very talented as well. I’m never quite sure what I think of Regal, but he can certainly work a match. I’m glad Kingston won, because I think he’s a talented worker who deserves a push and I’d like to see him keep the U.S title for a while.

Chris Jericho beats Rey Mysterio to become Intercontinental Champion
This was an entertaining match, but as always with Mysterio, you had to suspend disbelief a little bit. He never seems to run out of energy, or face a size difference he can’t overcome. Still, Jericho and Mysterio work well together and the match kept a good pace and kept my interest. The Man was less impressed by the big deal made over Jericho stealing Mysterio’s mask–pointing out that Mysterio used to wrestle back in WCW without a mask, but oh well. I’m glad Jericho won and I’m intrigued to see the rematch, I’m sure it’ll be good.

CM Punk beats Umaga
I still don’t understand the point of the CM Punk/Umaga program and I don’t really enjoy watching Umaga wrestle, but this  match was still very entertaining. Punk is an incredibly talented worker and it was fun watching him and exciting to see him manage to touch the four corners. Yay for a Punk victory! After Punk won, The Man’s response was “that was easy, makes you wonder if he’ll be cashing in Money in the Bank  tonight”, to which I said “Nah, I doubt it”. More on that later, of course.

Tommy Dreamer beats Christian and Jack Swagger for the ECW Title
This was the match that The Man had the highest expectations for. He loves extreme matches and apparently this one lived up to the expectations. It was a great match. All three men showed what they’re made of and they made it interesting. There were lots of “whoa” moments, which is what you’re supposed to have in an extreme match and the end, while what I predicted, wasn’t predicatble. I’d honestly had no idea who I thought would win and the Dreamer victory was an emotional one. This was, for me, the best match of the night.

Santina Marella beats Vickie Guererro to become Miss Wrestlemania
I still think hog pen matches are stupid and I’m still sick of “Santina”, but… This match wasn’t as bad as I expected and I liked the backscreen action with Vickie. It seems to be they are making her more sympathetic. I felt bad for her, after she was covered in slop (though not for Chavo, that was funny) and then the scene with Edge… Well, I felt truly bad for her as she finally realized that Edge had just been using her and that her marriage was over. I think (and hope) we could be seeing the redemption of Vickie Guererro and I, for one, am looking forward to it.

Batista beat Randy Orton to become WWE Champion
This was the one result I was positive of going into Extreme Rules and it turns out, I was right on the money. It works with how Orton has been booked. It’s not that Orton’s the strongest man, but he’s smart and he makes the numbers and situations work for him, taking every advantage he can find. Last night, there were none. A steel cage is a great equalizer, which is how I knew Batista would get the victory. It wasn’t a bad match, but not a great one either. Probably the low point of the night (not counting the hog pen match, of course).

John Cena beat The Big Show in a Submission Match
This was the one I wanted to be wrong about. I’m so sick of John Cena and the fact that he always seems to win over unbeatable odds. The match itself wasn’t bad, I actually enjoyed it more than the Orton/Batista match, but that could be because I had such low expectations for it going in. I’m not sure how one can take The Big Show seriously after this, but I’m not a WWE writer, so maybe there’ll be some explanation for it tonight on Raw.

Jeff Hardy beat Edge to become World Heavy-Weight Champion
I predicted an Edge victory, but after seeing the Edge/Vickie conversation, I knew that wouldn’t happen. I think Edge is about to get a reality check and a losing streak and have to find a new way to persevere, now that his “marriage” is over and he no longer has Vickie pulling the strings to make him win. The match between Edge and Hardy was really good, not mind-blowingly great, but still excellent. I like ladder matches and no one does them better than Edge and Jeff Hardy.  I wasn’t thrilled about the Hardy victory, but that was personal preference, so what happened next, made me smile.

CM Punk beat Jeff Hardy to become World Heavy-Weight Champion
I mentioned earlier that The Man predicted that CM Punk would cash in Money in the Bank and sure enough he did. Hardy didn’t even have a chance to celebrate his second title run before it was taken away from him. I didn’t see this coming and thought it was a great twist ending. Punk has been deserving of a good push and I thought the way it was done was excellent. It was the perfect time to cash in Money in the Bank, after a grueling ladder match, and Punk was able to walk away from the title.

All in all, I really enjoyed Extreme Rules. The matches were good, the results made sense (except for Cena making the Big Show tap) and all in all, it was a good night.


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