Posted by: Misha | June 9, 2009

Raw Has Been Painful Lately

I’m backed up on several weeks of Raw updates. This is partially because life has been hectic and partially because Raw hasn’t been very good lately. I’m not going back to do individual recap, but I will weigh in on the highlights and the lowlights.

I’m getting really sick of Santina. However the Santina/Vickie fued is kind of funny and I’m liking Vickie more and more these days. I’m wondering from the way Chavo is bossing her around and Orton is intimidating her if they’re trying to give her a gradual face turn. If so, it’s working for me at least. She was actually really cute after she won the Miss Wrestlemania crown. Not too sure how I feel about the hog pen match though.

I’m really, really sick of The Miz. I always liked The Miz and Morrison as a tag team and now that they’ve split up, I find that I still like John Morrison, but can’t stand The Miz. I did find it funny that not even the heels can stand The Miz, but for the most part I just want him off my screen. Though, if he wants to take Cena with him, I’d be okay with that.

The Randy Orton/Batista stuff has been ok… Personally I’m a little sick of seeing Ric Flair on my screen. I agree he’s a legend, but he’s retired and he should stay that way. Other than that, the storylines pretty good. I always enjoy watching Orton wrestle and I don’t mind Batista. Plus, I’ve really enjoyed watching Legacy and I think Ted DiBiase is definitely coming into his own. I don’t mind Cody Rhodes, but DiBiase over-shadows him, no question about it. He’s a solid worker and his mic works been good. To me, DiBiase’s the best part of Legacy and I’m interested in seeing more from in the future.

Other than that… Not much to say. The Denver Nuggets skit was painful to watch and showed a lot of what has been wrong with Raw lately. The writing’s just been bad and the wrestling’s been mediocre. I’m hoping that things will get a boost soon, otherwise I’ll need to find something else to fill my Monday nights.



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