Posted by: Misha | June 17, 2009

Three-Hour Raw Special Delivers Great Entertainment

I love three hour shows and I especially love inter-brand show. I guess with Raw being “sold” to Donald Trump, this will be the last such show for a while, so it’s good thing I enjoyed it as much as I did. I actually thought that it was a neat twist and I, like every other wrestling fan, expected Ric Flair to be named GM. I like it when I’m surprised. The Man is not as happy, he doesn’t like Vince and he doesn’t like the Donald and he doesn’t like the idea of any storyline which means he’s going to have to see one or both of them on his TV. I agree it may get old quick, but for now I’m all for it–it’s time we had something fresh on Raw.

Ok, turns out that my interest in the Jericho/Mysterio program has officially run out. The Man missed that match and when he came home he asked me who won and I shrugged, since I’d lost interest and stopped paying attention. Though, I did enjoy Jericho’s promo at the end. I know he’s a heel, but I love me some Jericho.

I’m glad to see Tommy Dreamer retain ECW title. I like Tommy Dreamer and it feels nice and sentimental to let him have the title for a while. Besides, I firmly believe that Christian deserves better things than to be stuck on ECW for much longer. He should be on one of the mainstream shows, preferably Smackdown.

I may have to change my opinion on Cena. He’s never going to me by favourite, but his promo against Orton had me smiling and cheering for Cena for the first time that I can remember. I especially loved his comments about the amount of oil Orton uses such as referring to Orton as the “grand-wizard of the baby-oil boys club”, since there are frequent comments in our house about that exact thing (despite my feelings about Orton, I wouldn’t mind the job of rubbing him down with oil before his matches…), as well as the comment about Orton having inherited “500 pounds of angry giant”. As much as Cena usually annoys me, his mic work is great and I love watching anyone mock Randy Orton, so today at least Cena made me smile.

The fatal fourway was pretty good. I was pretty sure Orton was going to win (unfortunately), but it wasn’t bad wrestling. I also picked The Big Show to be pinned, but it was done in a way that restored a little bit of the credibility he’s lost lately with his all his losses to Cena. By having all the men target him individually and him eat all three finishers, it made him show like the giant he is and that was something that the WWE desperately needed to do.

I might be changing my opinion on Cena, but The Miz is still irritating. Plus, tonight he hurt Hornswaggle! I love the little green guy, so now The Miz is definitely on my hate list. The Man doesn’t agree with me, he loves The Miz and says he’s one of the most entertaining performers the WWE has right now. Ugh.

CM Punk’s promo seems to have solidified his tweener status, he’s neither heel nor face and you know what, he does it well. What he said was true. Last year he cashed in Money in the Bank against Edge and he was the people’s hero, but when he does it again Jeff Hardy, he’s a villian? I like this new Punk and the fact that’s he not making any apologies, because he’s not really doing anything wrong. His shooting down Matt Hardy’s congratulations also helped show that he’s not a heel, he’s just not a pandering baby-face. I love CM Punk and I’d really, really like for this to be when he finally gets solidified as a money player in the WWE, because I think he’s one of the most talented guys around.

I really enjoyed the triple threat match, all three men brought some great moves. In fact I felt a little sore just watching them and couldn’t help notice Punk was limping afterwards. Wonder if that was real or just for show? Regardless, it was an impressive match, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Hardy, Punk and Edge. I mean, I’m not a Hardy fan, but I will admit he does have some impressive moves. That make-up of his is pretty horrible, though, especially by the end of the match when it’s started to wear off because of his sweat. I think I might actually like Jeff Hardy a lot more if he lost the stupid face make-up.

I’m not a huge fan of Diva matches as rule, maybe because I’m not a man, but I do love watching Mickie James work a match. She’s probably one of the best female wrestlers in the WWE and I’d really like to see her become the first woman to hold both titles, since I think our only option would be Michelle McCool (yuck). I also liked how Maryse made an impact without saying a word, just by facial expression, and that bit at the end. She is definitely scared of Mickie, which I like, because it just makes Mickie look even stronger.

Tag team match… Not a huge fan of the Colons, but they’re not bad and I love, love the Hart Dynasty. It might be the Canadian girl coming out in me, because I can remember watching the Hart Foundation back when I was a kid and well… Watching the Hart Dynasty brings back some great memories.

I also enjoyed Legacy’s commentary, since we rarely get to see Rhodes and DiBiase talk without Orton and some of their comments were pretty funny. Though, I noted that while Cody Rhodes was finally shown wearing a Legacy t-shirt, it wasn’t a real T-shirt, but a sleeveless, side less thing that’s easily taken off (a look I hate), where as DiBiase and Orton get to have real t-shirts. Rhodes is apparently still the whipping boy of Legacy and when are DiBiase and Rhodes going to get sick of serving Randy Orton? I would have liked one of them to win the battle royale, just so that they had to face Orton, but we all knew that wasn’t going to happen.

The battle royale was fantastic… I mean, I knew The Game was going to win as soon as DiBiase and Rhodes went on and on about how they were in the battle royale to prevent “certain people” from winning. I enjoyed when everyone ganged up to get The Big Show out, since it made sense that they’d do it, since he’s the biggest threat. Little things like that, help make The Big Show look like a real threat again, something that’s been lacking for a while. I also enjoyed the moment when Triple H and Cena sort of looked at each other, ignoring everyone else, and then went for it. It was sort of a show that they respect each other as their respective biggest competition, or at least that’s how I chose to take it. Plus the part with The Miz was funny. The Man wanted The Miz to take out Triple H and Cena and win, but I’m glad it didn’t happen and the way they ducked him and flipped him over the ropes? It was awesome. I loved it.

Still, I’m not crazy about the result and the fact that it’s another Triple H/Orton title match. I’m an admitted Triple H fan, but I’m getting sick of just seeing Orton and Triple H wrestle each other. However, the end was great when The Donald announced The Last Man Standing match and we saw a rare smile on Triple H’s face (why is it he smiles more as a heel than a face? It’s a shame since he’s got a great smile) and the unhappy look on Orton’s face, that made me a very happy girl indeed.

The one thing that disappointed me about this week’s Raw, was that we didn’t see Edge and Christan cross paths backstage. I knew it was a slim chance, but since they were both in the building, I couldn’t help but hope. Ever since that little tease at Backlash, I’ve been dying to see them cross paths again, especially now that Edge is done with Vickie Guererro. I need me some Edge & Christian, I really do. Still, even without that, Raw was still thoroughly entertaining for the first time in a long time.



  1. Wow, you are a really good writer. CM Punk might be full heel. It was interesting to see Trump and next week could be rather good.

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