Posted by: Misha | June 23, 2009

Series Thoughts: Penguins vs. Red Wings

This is ten days late, but, as always, life is crazy busy. This is also my last hockey post for quite a while, as, like I previously announced, I’m making this blog wrestling-specific. But, before I do that, I had to wrap up my thoughts on the 2008/2009 Stanley Cup Play-offs.

First of all, I was thrilled to see Pittsburgh win. I thought they really deserved it. I’d been rooting for them the entire play-offs and in the finals, especially game 7, they didn’t disappoint. Last year, I remember sitting in a bar watching Detroit celebrate their Stanley Cup victory and telling my companions that next year it’d be the Penguins, that they’d learn some value lessons from their loss and come back having what it takes to win it all and I’m thrilled to see that I was right.

The Red Wings played very well and at times they out-played the Penguins, but the Pens just had a will to win as well as the advantages of youth. This was an extremely entertaining series, with two incredibly talented teams facing off. Either of these teams could have pulled off the win, no question about it, but I’m glad that it was the Penguins and for all that Malkin was MVP, I think they owed a lot of their success to Marc-Andre Fleury, who just gave it his all to guarantee victory.

Plus, on another note, wasn’t it nice to see Mario hoist the cup again, even if it is as an owner? Made me all happy and smiley and I’m glad to see the 2008-09 NHL season come to a close with the Pittsburgh Penguins as Stanley Cup champs.


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