Posted by: Misha | June 23, 2009

Smackdown Shines While Raw Falls Flat

I’m several weeks behind on my Smackdown updates, oops. It’s not that Smackdown has been painful, like Raw was, actually Smackdown’s been really good, it’s just that it being on a Friday means I often don’t catch it live and then by the time I have my thoughts down, the next episodes aired. It’s a vicious cycle, but I’m going to try my best to get caught up.

CM Punk might be the best part of Smackdown, which is saying a lot. Of course, I might be biased, since I’m a huge Punk fan, but since the draft, Punk’s really been making a name for himself over on Smackdown and this new championship reign of his… Well, it’s definitely entertaining, that’s for sure and I hope that the CM Punk era continues for at least a little while longer and that even when Punk loses the title (and he will) that he stays a major contender, because I think his time has finally come.

I love Jericho. I’m not crazy about the Mysterio/Jericho storyline, but I love Jericho in any way, shape or form and he may be the best mic man in the WWE. His promos are always top notch and even though he’s a heel, I find myself rooting for him, maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for an articulate man? I don’t know, I just know that Jericho seems to be shining on Smackdown.

I’m still not sure how I feel John Morrison as a face. I mean I like Morrison, I think he’s very talented, but… I think a lot of his appeal was his cocky, egomaniac attitude and without that, he just feels a little flat. I mean, I still like him better than The Miz (way better), but I think The Miz may be getting the bigger push and that makes me sad, because I think Morrison has talent. I just think that he switched from heel to face to quickly, without any real explanation.

I don’t like Jeff Hardy. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. He’s overrated and I’m sick of seeing so much of him on my TV and this angle with Punk, where Punk is a bad guy because he stole the championship from Jeff, is just making me hate Hardy even more. I know Hardy’s a talented performer, but he bores me and in fact, he’s one of the few things I don’t like about Smackdown, though I know that’ll be a very unpopular opinion.

I could care less about Eve and Layla and their feud, sorry. I’m just glad it appears to be over. Turns out, I don’t care that much about Michelle McCool either. I really like Gayle Kim, but she’s being buried and none of the other divas on Smackdown do much for me. I much prefer Raw’s pool of divas, since I think Maryse, Mickie James and Beth Phoenix are amongst the most talented ladies on the WWE roster.

All in all, Smackdown has been showing itself as the better show, week after week, which is a far cry from the way things were a few months ago when Smackdown was painful to watch. Now Raw has to work to catch up to Smackdown, oh my how things change!


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