Posted by: Misha | June 29, 2009

Edge/Jericho Twist Saves The Bash

The Bash was good, though not great by any means, but that falls into my every other PPV theory, that every other one is good and worth paying for and the others can be skipped (of course as a dedicated blogger, I don’t have that option). Maybe that’s a hint that the WWE PPV schedule is too packed, since I think one PPV every six weeks or so with a longer build up, would probably be more exciting, but what do I know?

Tommy Dreamer beats Finlay, Christian, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry for the ECW Championship
I like Scramble matches, I think they’re exciting, and this one did not disappoint. I know I predicted a Dreamer loss, but on second thought it makes sense to keep the title on ECW original Dreamer, at least for a little while. It does suck that Christian’s the only one that didn’t manage a pin, since I’d like to see him booked stronger than that, but I can still hold out hope that it means the WWE has something better than being wasted into obscurity on ECW for Captain Charisma.

Rey Mysterio beats Chris Jericho for the Intercontintenal Championship
Despite my feelings about Mysterio and about this feud, I have to admit, it was a great match. It was intense and exciting and when Jericho ripped off the mask, only to reveal another one, well it was a good moment. Botht these guys brought their all last night and it was probably the match of the night and it was a good end to the feud.

Dolph Ziggler beats The Great Khali
This match bored me. Neither of these wrestlers does much for me and I didn’t think the match was particularly entertaining, nor did I understand why Kane ran in and interfered. Since Kane is another wrestler I don’t have much of a use for, I’ve got to say, I’m not thrilled with the idea of a Kane/Khali feud if that’s the way there going. Just saying.

Edge and Chris Jericho beats Primo and Carlito and Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes to become Unified Tag Team Championships
This segment had me screaming, that’s for sure. Though, I will admit that when Edge’s music first played, though I knew he’d be paired with Jericho, for a split second I couldn’t help hope that the WWE would throw a curveball and give this Canadian girl what she wants so badly: An Edge and Christian reunion. Still, an Edge and Jericho pairing isn’t a bad consolation prize, since I love them both so much and I think they’ll be an entertaining pair, plus this means we’ll get to see them on all three shows (including ECW, hint, hint WWE). As much as I would have liked Legacy to win, this victory made for an interesting twist and I think having the titles on stars like Edge and Jericho, elevates the titles and gives them some much needed spotlight.

Michelle McCool beats Melina for the Women’s Championship
Sigh. I still think Mickie James was much more deserving of being the first woman to hold both titles, but what can you do? It was an ok match, but I didn’t find it particularly interesting. For me, it was the wrong women’s match and it’s just that simple.

Jeff Hardy beats CM Punk by DQ, Punk Retains the World Heavy Weight Championship
This was a pretty good match and the ending was fanastic. Punk managed to stay in that in-between status, by making the fans ask did he deliberatley get himself DQ or was he legitimately injured? Still hate Jeff Hardy and this match did nothing to change that. I don’t get how Jeff Hardy throwing a hissy fit and beating on Punk, who may have been legitimatel injured, is face behaviour, I just don’t. Though I did like Hardy’s meltdown at the end of the match and I suspect (with rumours of Jeff Hardy leaving the WWE soon) that we may see Jeff get fed up with always coming close and never quite making it and see him quit the WWE, which could make for some dramatic TV, at least.

John Cena beats The Miz
John Cena wins another PPV, big surprise. The Miz gets the ass-kicking he deserves, another big surprise. Honestly, I wish that The Miz had won, because that would have been something different instead of the ending that we all knew was going to happen. Still, hopefully, this means the end of The Miz’s stupid promos. One can only hope, I guess.

Randy Orton beat Triple H to retain the WWE Title
I’m sick of watching these two wail on each other, I really am and I really hate that Orton is still champion. The one thing I liked is that it looks like Legacy is starting to crumble and DiBiase (in my opinion, the more talented of Orton’s lackeys) is starting to become disillusioned with his leader. Oh, I know he came through at the end and helped Orton regain his title, but the seeds of rebellion have been planted and I think by Summerslam that Legacy will be falling apart. Other than that, I did enjoy the match and Triple H wailing on Legacy post-match was pretty fun to watch, I just wish he’d gotten the title.

All in all, I enjoyed The Bash, though a large part of that was the Edge/Jericho victory. I love moves that I don’t see coming and this was a twist I would never have predicted, but was definitely a pleasant surprise and I can’t wait to see what the two new unified tag team champions have to say!


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