Posted by: Misha | June 30, 2009

Christian’s Name A Glaring Omission From the WWE Trade

Only two months of the annual WWE draft, the WWE did a fifteen star mini-trade. Probably because things needed to be shaken up, particularly on Ra which desperately needed some fresh, new talent and that’s what it got. Plus, the draft was a chance for some deserving workers to be rescued from the lower depths of the WWE, otherwise known as ECW. Now, don’t get me wrong, ECW isn’t a bad show, in fact I always enjoy it, but it is very much the ‘C’ show, so being drafted away is a step up in any wrestler’s career.

Here are the the names of the draftees, listed under their new show with their old show in brackets:

Evan Bourne (ECW)
Mark Henry (ECW)
Jack Swagger (ECW)
Gail Kim (Smackdown)
Alicia Fox (Smackdown)

New Members of Smackdown!:
Matt Hardy (Raw)
Finlay (ECW)
Tyson Kidd (ECW)
Natalya (ECW)
David Hart Smith (ECW)

New Members of ECW:
Shelton Benjamin (Smackdown)
Goldust (Raw)
William Regal (Raw)
Brie Bella (Raw)
Nikki Bella (Raw)

Looking at the names, you can see that ECW lost the most people and Smackdown lost the least, while each show got five new cast members. It looks like a major cleaning of house at ECW, which could be good because of new storylines and it’s time for fresh blood. Besides, a lot of the people who left ECW deserved the chance to thrive elsewhere. Jack Swagger and The Hart Dynasty are the biggest examples of this, so talented and so ready to thrive in the spotlight that they’re draft was a no-brainer and it’s wonderful to see that Evan Bourne will be getting some much needed exposure. However as I look at this list, I see one glaring omission: Christian.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love Christian. I have tremendous respect for him as an athlete and performer and think that he’s much better than the WWE lets him be. I’m and Edge and Christian fan from way back and it’s no secret, I’m hankering after a reunion, but mainly I just want to see Christian put to better use than he currently is. He’s just as talented as Jack Swagger or the Hart Dynasty and just as deserving of a push, and I don’t understand how Finaly could be drafted away from ECW while Christian was left there to rot. I know that sounds a little melodramatic, but it’s torture watching one of the most talented stars in the WWE be wasted week after week.

With the big exception Christian’s name being absent from the list, I’m actually pretty excited about the trades. Though, there is one move I’m confused about: Matt Hardy. Hardy has moved too many times in the last six months, from ECW to Smackdown to Raw back to Smackdown and it makes me fear that he’s not going to get the push he really does deserve and that he’ll forever be a mid-carder. Which is a shame, because I’ve always felt that Matt is the more talented Hardy.

Still, those concerns aside, I’m excited about the opportunities the trade presents, as well as the fact that it’s mixing things up. Especially if Gail Kim will get the push on Raw that was denied her on Smackdown, where she never did anything other than job to Michelle McCool and I acutally think Benjamin and Regal will do well on ECW, especially Regal, who is pretty much a permanent mid-carder. Benjamin has a lot of talent and maybe on the smaller shower, that talent can grow and help him become even better, which to give ECW credit, is what happened with Jack Swagger. His time on ECW was spent bulding him until he was ready to try and fly on a bigger show.


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