Posted by: Misha | June 30, 2009

Raw is Still Pretty Painful, Despite Some Good Moments

I didn’t blog about last week’s Raw and I’m not going to because, well, it was bad. Last night’s Raw, was, well, also bad. That’s what Raw has been likely… bad. They’ve had a few good shows, but mostly they’ve been feeding us nothing but garbage. Not to say the whole show was bad, it wasn’t, there were some good moments, but the over-all product wasn’t good.

I like the idea of the guest hosts, I think it’ll add something special to the program, something that Raw desperately needs. Batista was pretty good last night and I’m interested to see what the Million Dollar Man will do next week, especially with the seeds of disention being planted between Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase, Jr. Somehow I can’t imagine that DiBiase, Sr., is thrilled that is son is nothing more than Randy Orton’s lackey and it’ll be fun to see if he does anything about it.

The tournament matches… Well, we get to see HHH/Cena next week and one of them faces Orton for the title. I love HHH, but I’m sick of the Orton feud, so I’m almost tempted to cheer for Cena as much as it pains me, just to save myself the torture of another Orton/HHH match. Also, I felt bad for MVP, even The Miz came off stronger than he did since The Miz seemed to challenge Cena much more than MVP challenged HHH. I actually enjoyed the Cena/Miz match and I think it gave The Miz a good push, but I still would have liked to have seen either MVP or The Miz advance to the next round, just to inject some fresh blood into the scene.

The Maryse commentary was just odd… She wants to face Kelly Kelly cause she’s so pretty? Is this because Maryse thinks she’ll be an easy opponent or some other reason? Could that be why she keeps rejecting The Miz? Either way, the match was pretty good, mainly because Beth Phoenix and Mickie James are very, very good. I’m glad Mickie won and hopefully she wins at Night of Champions.

I’m really, really enjoying the pairing of Edge and Jericho. I loved their promo and their whole “we’ll make the other even better”, not sure how long it can last with those two egos, but it’ll be fun too watch, that’s for sure. Though, did anyone else noticed that the King referred to Edge and Christian at one point and then had to correct himself? See, I’m not the only one who still remembers how great they were…

The Man was really excited to see Evan Bourne as one of the new faces of Raw, grateful to see him rescued from the pits of the WWE, otherwise known as ECW and he didn’t do too badly against Randy Orton, about as well as he could be expected to, really. Swagger not wrestling was a move that worked–he didn’t lose to Orton in his first appearance on Raw and it got him some serious heat, which is always good. Mark Henry, though… He came off as strong with his beat down of Orton and there was definitely a bit of a face turn, which was surprising, but not bad. Far from it.

Later today I’ll comment the full mini-draft and my thoughts on the fifteen names that were traded, as well as who I thought should have been traded but wasn’t.


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