Posted by: Misha | July 4, 2009

Edge and Jericho Make Smackdown Great

Smackdown once again showed why it’s the best show the WWE has right now. Last night’s show was good, not great, but muc better than what Raw gives us a weekly basis.

First, I have to say I love Edge and Jericho as the unified tag team champs. I think it elevates the titles, plus I think the two men work incredibly well together. There promo was well done, especially the facial expressions. Their match against Jeff Hardy and CM Punk was a great main event, especially with Punk still selling his tweener status so the audience has no idea if the eye injury is real or fake and then when Hardy faked an eye-injury so that Punk would get pinned… It was defintiely a good move, that’s for sure.  Watching Punk and Hardy fall apart while Jericho and Edge worked as a cohesive team definitely helped legitmatigize them as a real tag team.

Speaking of tag teams… Why oh why did the Hart Dynasty have to lose to Cryme Time on their first week on Smackdown? I have nothing against Cryme Time, but I think the Hart Dynasty has bigger star potentional and should have won their debut match to help give them a good push and make them a real challenger for the tag titles.

I’m a Michael Jackson fan and his death is a tragedy, but I found the John Morrison/Teddy Long tribute a little ridiculous. Entertaining, but ridiculous. Still, it did help me really feel Morrison as face for the first time. I love him as a heel, but I’ve been indifferent to him as  a face until now. I still don’t think he’s ready to be champion yet, but he’s getting there.

So Dolph Ziggler and Maria are dating? But isn’t she a face and he a heel? Not quite sure I understand the point of this mini romance, but I admit it was kind of cute and it  made him a little more likeable, perhaps that was the point.

All in al, it was a good show and I enjoyed it. It could have been better, but it could have also been a lot worse. Smackdown is right now, the best show in the WWE universe and it lives up to that week after week.


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