Posted by: Misha | July 26, 2009

Punk and DiBiase Best Part of Current WWE Roster

So I’ve been a bad blogger again. Sorry, it’s been the end of the term, plus I’ve had a social schedule. I’m not going to go back and recap the two epsidoes of Raw and the three episodes of Smackdown I missed, so instead I’m just going to summarize my thoughts. The highlights for me:

For the most part I’m really enjoying this guest host idea. ZZ Top fell a little flat, but I did enjoy seeing Santino dressed up in a beard and sunglasses, quick question though, doesn’t he ever wrestle any more??? It seems the last time he wrestled was in drag. Seth Green however was awesome, I’m a huge Seth Green fan (at heart I’m still the Buffy fan girl I was in 1997) and I really enjoyed seeing him on Raw.

I much prefer the smart-alecky Triple H, to the angry one and it’s been really fun to watch his banter with John Cena. The two men have great chemistry with each other and it’s really livened up the dull Triple H/Randy Orton program.

I really do think that Legacy is ending soon and that Ted DiBiase will be making a face turn and hopefully getting a bigger push, he deserves it for sure. Cody Rhodes isn’t a bad wrestler, but DiBaise leaves him behind. Plus the Legacy gimmick is gettting old.

I love th heel CM Punk. His promos are super intense and I’m really enjoying his feud with Jeff Hardy, though I’m still not sure I agree with Punk being the bad guy and Hardy being the good guy, since I prefer Punk’s message. However, the preachy way he delivers it does make him a good holier-than-thou, I’m better than you heel and this storyline is better than anything the WWE has had to give us lately.

Honestly Raw hasn’t been terrible, which is an improvement of how it was last month and Smackdown’s been very good, so all in all I’ve been happy. To me a lot of the credit of the improved WWE belongs to CM Punk and Ted DiBiase, both phenomonal talents.


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