Posted by: Misha | September 13, 2009

Breaking Point Predictions

This review is a little bittersweet. Originally when the location for Breaking Point (at that point still called Unforgiven) was announced, The Man and I decided to get tickets. I’m a Toronto girl, but Montreal isn’t that far away. However, real life… In the form of a wedding, a family reunion and finances got in the way. Sigh. So, instead I’ll be watching it from my home TV instead of enjoying a fun weekend in Montreal and because of The Man’s work schedule, we were unable to swing tickets for Raw in Toronto as well (boo). I think a road trip might be in our future since I haven’t been to a live event since about 1991.

Anyway, back to Breaking Point. I’m not crazy about the submission gimmick, but it’ll still be fun. I’m disappointed that Morrison/Ziggler got dumped from the program (I think that could be because Ziggler might be getting a face turn, more on that later in the week), but I’m excited about the Kofi Kingston/The Miz match, because well I think The Miz is awesome!

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston for the US title
The Miz has yet to have a PPV victory as a single’s star and with the sort of push he seems to be getting, I think it’s time. I’ve enjoyed Kingston’s reign as US Champion, but I think it’s time for us to see exactly why The Miz is so awesome. I really do think The Miz will win this one tonight.
My Prediction: The Miz

Kane vs. The Great Khali
All I can honestly say about this match is I don’t care. I’m not sure why this is a PPV caliber match and I, personally, would have much rather seen Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison than Kane and the Great Khali. For the heck of it I’ll say Kane wins, but honestly I don’t care. I just hope this is the last PPV we have to see between these two.
My Prediction: Kane

DX vs. Legacy
I am loving this feud. I’m a huge DX fan girl and I love seeing them back together and I also love Legacy and think they’re benefitting from this feud. They’re getting experience and exposure and they really need a good win to put them over the top, but I don’t think it’ll be tonight. Maybe next month if we get a third shot of DX and Legacy, but not in a submission match.
My Prediction: DX

Chris Jericho and the Big Show vs. MVP and Mark Henry for the Unified Tag Team Championship
I like MVP, but not a huge Mark henry fan and there’s no way Jericho and the Big Show are ready to drop the titles. The tag team division is becoming revamped and getting some much needed recognition and for that to continue, they need to keep the titles on Jericho and the Big Show, who are undeniably Main Eventers. I like MVP, but he’s not quite there yet and I’m not sure Mark Henry will ever be there.
My Prediction: Chris Jericho and the Big Show

William Regal vs. Christian for the ECW Championship
I’m a huge Christan fan, but I still want him to lose, because I want him to be rescued from the nowhere land that is ECW. He’s too talented too waste away there, indefinitely, as I say time after time. However, I don’t see that happening. He’ll retain and have another program with Dreamer, where one of them will turn heel, though I have no idea which one.
My Prediction: Christian

John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title
This one seems obvious. John Cena doesn’t quit. John Cena doesn’t tap. John Cena isn’t losing an “I Quit” match. Plus Orton’s been champion pretty much straight through since Backlash (with a one week break where Batista held and then dropped the title) and in this current climate, that seems like a long time, especially since this will be eighth straight PPV championship match Orton has been in and I think the WWE will want to switch it up (though I’m not sure putting the title on Cena, who has been in seven title matches since January, is much of an improvement). Maybe if Cena wins we’ll see The Miz challenge for the title. At least that would be fresh blood. Plus it qould mean there was a point to the stupid Cena/The Miz storyline.
My Prediction: John Cena

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk for the World Heavy Weight Championship
Not sure about this one at all. My gut says its too soon for Punk, who has become an incredible heel, to lose the title, but… I can’t see The Undertaker tapping out to CM Punk. If this was a normal match, I’d predict a DQ, but since that’s not possible, I imagine there’ll be some osort of funny finish, like CM Punk using a weapon to knock the Undertaker out or something.
My Prediction: CM Punk


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