Posted by: Misha | September 17, 2009

My Jericho Story…

I just saw on twitter that Chris Jericho is writing a new book, which reminded me of a funny story from my past. Well, I think it’s funny, two years later The Man still does not.

It’s fall/winter 2007/08 (not sure of exact timing) and I’m killing time at the Indigo in the Eaton’s Centre. Suddenly the place is geting pretty crowded, or at least the main area is and as I settle down to flip through some magazines I hear people start to chant “Y2J”. Curious, I go take a look and see that Chris Jericho is appearing. I have no idea who that is, but a little bit of quick investigating tells me he’s a wrestler.

Now, at this point I hadn’t watched wrestling seriously since my teens, so I had no idea who Jericho was, but the name sounded vaguely familiar. Anyway, I return to what I’m doing, but pay half-hearted attention to his speech and decide whoever he is, he’s very articulate and I actually enjoy the speech.

Later, that evening, I meet up with the man and ask if he knows who Chris Jericho is? His eyes light up (after all at this point he owned a battered Jerichohal shirt) and tells me that he’s a wrestler, more than that he’s The Man’s favourite wrestler, why? At this point I start getting an inkling I screwed up, but I confessed my sins anyway and to this day The Man points out I’m a bad girlfriend and that if I had paid more attention to him (and the fact that he swears he told me how much he loves Jericho) I would have gotten him a signed copy of Jericho’s book that day.

Obviously, I can’t go back in time, but news of Jericho’s new book makes me wonder if I’ll have a second chance to make ammends for my previous sins…


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