Posted by: Misha | September 25, 2009

Legacy Makes Breaking Point Special

I have to admit I definitely have regrets about not going to Montreal. I think it would have been an amazing show to see live (I wouldn’t have yelled ‘You Screwed Brett’, but The Man would have). Still, if I couldn’t make it out, I’m glad I at least got to watch it at home because it was definitely worth watching.

Chris Jericho and The Big Show b. MVP and Mark Henry to retain the Unified Tag Team Championships
It was an ok match. My favourite moment of the whole thing was the buddy moment between Big Show and Jericho at the end, I found it really cute and really like the sort of big/little brother relationship. The match itself was… Meh. Not a fan of watching Henry in the ring, though I do love MVP.

Kofi Kingston b. The Miz to retain the U.S Championship
This was a good match, but then Kofi and The Miz are both great workers. The Man keeps talking about how the WWE should bring back the cruiser-weight division and these are two guys who would excel in it. I wish the result had gone the other way, because I think The Miz is ready for a title run, but all in all it was a good match and I just hope that the result only means we’ll be seeing them again next month…

Legacy b. DX
This is one I wish I had gone with my gut on. I knew Legacy had to beat DX sometime, I just didn’t have enough faith to actually believe it’d be in submission, but I’m glad it happened, it was a huge push for Legacy, who are fast making their mark as serious contenders. I liked their promo as well, paying homage to DX as wrestling legends, but making it clear that that was the past and this is now. The whole match was phenomenal in my opinion and it made sense for Shawn Michaels to be the one to tap–it is Montreal after all. More on that another time, though. Anyway, I love this program and really think that Legacy as a strong future in the business and this victory is a strong indication of that.

Kane b. The Great Khali
So Kane won, who cares? All I care about is whether or not I have to see these two on a PPV again and I hope the answer is no.

Christian b. William Regal to retain the ECW Championship
This might have been the best worked match of the night, even if it lacked the excitement and intensity of some of the other matches. Still, both Regal and Christan are good workers and that showed through. Everyone knows how I feel about Christian being on ECW, but at least in this kind of match I don’t feel he’s completely wasted. It really was a good match, if not as entertaining as the DX/Legacy and Cena/Orton matches.

John Cena b. Randy Orton to become new WWE Champion
The ending was predictable, but the match… It was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. As incredible as the DX/Legacy match was, there’s no doubt this was the match of the night and, in my opinion, a strong candidate for match of the year. So good, so intense. I’m the first to admit, I find Cena/Orton over done, but… This time it was good. Hell, it was amazing. We all knew Cena was going to win, but watching how far Orton could push him before the tables turned was intense and exciting and for a moment I actually started to wonder if Cena would actually quit. Amazing match.

CM Punk b. The Undertaker
I called a Punk victory with some sort of shenanigans, but I didn’t expect it to be quite so… obvious. I should have though, because again, it was Montreal. I rolled my eyes a bit at the ending, but it was an okay match and I’m glad Punk retained, because he’s too hot a heel to lose the title just yet. I really enjoyed Punk’s promo and thought the slam at Jeff Hardy fit with Punk’s character, plus the situation needed to be acknowledged. I was glad to see Jimmy Wang Yang on TV, just wish it was in a better light, instead of being jumped by Punk. Anyway, this match wasn’t the best of the night (not even close), but it wasn’t bad, just the ending was a little hokey.

Does anyone know what the point of the John Morrison/Dolph Ziggler segment was? The WWE took off what could have been a good match to give us that weird little segment? Yay.

All in all, Breaking Point did a good job of keeping me interested. There were some slow moments, but the amazing matches between DX and Legacy and Cena and Orton made the PPV better than just average. I definitely feel I got my $40 worth.


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