Posted by: Misha | September 25, 2009

Montreal Screwjob Should Be Dead and Buried

During my Breaking Point review, I mentioned that I would be coming back to discuss the Montreal Screwjob. Well, here I am. This also comes after reports that Bret Hart may be in talks to come back to work for the WWE and that’s why the Undertaker/CM Punk storyline went the way it did, to leave the door open for Bret and for a discussion of the Montreal Screwjob.

First of all, I wasn’t really watching wrestling in 1997 and I didn’t catch the incident live. Secondly, while I’m Canadian, I’ve never been a huge Bret Hart fan. I remember sort of cheering for him as a child, but he was never my favorite. I was always more of a Hulk Hogan girl, oh and I had this weird fascination for Jake the Snake. I even had a stuffed snake (a toy) that I used to wrap around my neck when I pretended to be Jake the Snake, proving once again that I was a weird little girl.

But back to the point, my opinion of the Montreal incident, is based on reports after the fact and is not biased by any personal opinions on Bret Hart. The Man is a huge Bret Hart fan and always will be and after twelve years, still can’t think or talk about the Montreal incident in any rational way. All he knows is that his beloved Bret got screwed and he’s hated Shawn Michaels ever since. This annoys me a little, but I understand that Bret Hart is his childhood hero and hero worship is a tricky thing, it’s hard to admit that our heroes are only human, so I’ve just learnt not to discuss the incident with him.

As I said, everything I know comes from reading about it after the fact, but I’ve read every aspect that I could and did my best to form a solid argument that covered all the facts. Here’s how I see it: Bret Hart was leaving, Bret Hart was the champion, Bret Hart couldn’t leave as the champion. That seemed pretty simple to me. Vince wanted Bret to drop the title to Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series which was in Montreal. This is where it got complicated, Bret had creative control and didn’t want to drop the title to Shawn Micheals or in Montreal. I have to admit this is the part that never made sense to me, since Bret was apparently willing to drop the title the next night at Raw in Ottawa, but anyway… Vince was in a pickle, especially since, from what I understand Eric Bischoff was only required to keep quiet about Bret Hart joining WCW until Monday, the day after Survivor Series.

If this is true, Vince had every reason to worry. Whatever his relationship with Bret Hart was, Vince knew he couldn’t trust Eric Bischoff. Bischoff had shown that he was ruthless when it came to bringing down the WWE and if he could have made a big deal about signing the WWE champion, he would have. So Vince made a business decision and decided to screw over someone who was already leaving. Is it a very nice thing to do? No, no it’s not. But was it the practical thing to do in that situation? Yes.

Vince McMahon had to worry about protecting his business, at a time when the WWe was losing the Monday Night War and he made a decision that was good for business, even if morally questionable. Let’s never forget that the WWE is a business. As for Shawn Michaels agreeing to do it, well, it’s his job and his boss was telling him to do it.

I know the Montreal Screwjob still stings for some people and I guess I can understand that, but I think that people should move on. It’s been twelve years, so can’t we stop screaming “you screwed Bret” every time Shawn Michaels appears in Canada? It just make us Canadians look foolish and petty, unable to let go of something that happened more than a decade ago.



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