Posted by: Misha | October 4, 2009

Return of DX Helps Make Legacy Legitimate Contendors

I promised a few posts about the events of this summer and then decided, that the 10 or so I had originally planned on was overly optimistic, but I might manage one or two. This is one of them. I really wanted to comment on the reunion of DX and their program with Legacy.

First, DX was one of those stables of my youth, even when I didn’t really watch the WWE, I was aware of DX. This was partially due to the influence of a high school boyfriend who was a huge DX fan (this was long before The Man, who says to tell you that in high school he preferred the NWO). Don’t remember a lot else about that guy, but I do remember the DX thing. And I developed a fondness for them that lasted through the years when I wasn’t really that into wrestling. I’ve always been a Triple H fan girl (and did watch during the McMahon-Helmsley days, or at least the beginning), which I guess adds into the DX loving thing.

That said, even though I predicted a reunion months ago, I was wary about it. Don’t get me wrong, Triple H and Shawn Michaels have great chemistry and DX is something special, but… But the Attitude Era was ten years ago and while Triple H and Shawn Michaels have brought DX together since then, it’s never been quite the same, so I wasn’t sure how I felt about a reunited DX this time around. Especially… Hasn’t DX always about fighting the system and pissing off the McMahons, how does that work now that the world knows Triple H is Vince’s son-in-law??? And aren’t they a little old to be degenerates?

The first skit made me nervous, since it was silly. Triple H was funny (I always find him the funnier of the two) at times, but the whole thing really dragged at times and the concept was stupid. Why did Shawn Michaels decide to leave the company and why did he have to get a bad job at all, what about all that money he won from JBL??? I enjoy these little skits, but only when they make sense and the way that one went down made me start thinking that DX was something best left in the past. But, I was wrong, everything else about the reunion has been handled beautifully. The way Legacy ruined their reunion, the video clips, the fan reaction, the promos, everything. There’s enough nostalgia, for us to remember how great DX was, but also the feeling of that was then and this is now and this is Legacy’s time.

This is the best way to do this program, to have it be a clash between the old and the new. DX are the legends, Legacy the up and comers and they’re bound to clash. Props to Triple H and Shawn Michaels for putting DiBiase and Rhodes over so well. Legacy looks like legitimate competition for DX and I like that they have Legacy respect what DX represents, while wanting to make it clear it’s a new time and a new era.

I’ve loved this program. Great skits, solid promos and amazing matches and I think tonight’s Hell in a Cell match is going to be the crowning glory of the program. DX has done their job, Legacy’s made it and it was done in the best way possible. Legacy got a solid push and the fans got one last ride with DX, one last chance to recapture of the glory of yesterday while basking in the glory of tomorrow. Definitely a victory for everyone.


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