Posted by: Misha | October 4, 2009

Smackdown 10th Anniversary Special Hits All the Right Notes

I’ve officially give up on making witty posts about all the stuff that happened during my hiatus. This is due to a case of the flu and no internet. So, instead I’ll get back to my regular scheduled programming. I am hoping to tomorrow get two of those posts up, but the rest are probably never going to see the light of day, oh well.

What I didn’t want to miss was my chance to talk about the 10th anniversary of Smackdown (oh and I’ll be reviewing the DVD soon). Now, I didn’t watch Smackdown for all of it’s ten years, for a long time I was at best and occasional viewer and at worst, completely ignorant to the world of the WWE. However, when I got back into wrestling, I did so with a vegeance and made it my mission to catch up on everything I’d missed (plus I had a boyfriend who’d been big into the Attitude era and was a huge DX fan, so there were periods where I did watch, mostly at the beginning).

It was a great show. I loved the backstage celebration (especially the drunk Michael Cole), the over the top main event, and most of all, the return of Smackdown’s biggest superstar. The Man was practically bouncing with excitement to see his beloved Rock back on TV, to issue in the 10th anniversary of his show. It was a short clip, but the fans were growing wild and it was appropriate for the 10th anniversary episode, as was the Eddie Guererro tribute.

Milestones are tricky, in the fact that they can either be momentous occasions or fall terribly flat of expectations. For the 10th anniversary of Smackdown, the WWE did everything right. Every match, every segment, it all felt natural and right and if this is an example, I think we can count on ten more solid years of entertainment from Smackdown!


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