Posted by: Misha | October 5, 2009

Match #1, Taker vs. CM Punk

A little surprised that Undertaker/CM Punk is the first match, since it’s much more of a Main Event match. Though, heard that Taker’s not 100%, so wouldn’t be surprised if they kept the match short for that reason.

So far, so good… Really impressed by both men. I mean, we all know what Taker is capable of, but Punk has really come into his own this year. I think he’s a good candidate for superstar of the years, that’s for sure. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of him turning heel, but this heel turn has been amazing for him and brought out some high quality matches and phenomenal promos.

Got to give Punk credit for keep pressing the covers… I still think Taker is winning this one, but Punk is going to fight for it.

Ok, I think we’ve just seen how this match is going to go. The Undertaker has really turned this around and there it is, Taker’s got the title!

Winner and new World Heavy-Weight Champion: The Undertaker!


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