Posted by: Misha | October 5, 2009

Match #2, John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ok, didn’t know that a title had never changed hands in a Hell in a cell match before, but with a pay-per-view dedicated to teh gimmick, then you had to guess that would happen.

Ok, now it’s the Intercontinental Championship match. Is it wrong that the only real impression I have of John Morrison is that he’s really, really pretty? Almost too pretty. I always have this thing, about not wanting my men to be prettier than me and Morrison is definitely prettier than me.

The Man loves Dolph Ziggler’s outfit, which makes me wonder about his taste (except for choosing me, of course). I wonder why Dolph Ziggler is no longer accompanied by Maria, I actually liked the two of them together. Oh, they just mentioned her, so they’re still together.

The Man is commenting on the fact that it’s just mat wrestling to start… Oh now they’re circling one another… And now more mat wrestling…

Ok, now it’s getting better… These guys should at least be able to pull off an entertaining match, since they”re both pretty athletic. Though, so far we’re not really seeing that. They’re talking about Morison’s acrobatic talents, but we’re not seeing them. JR has now even commented about the amount of mat wrestling. What’s up, is one of these guys hurt?

We saw one good move, now where are the rest? For a match I was really looking forward to, it’s actually kind of boring. Though, it’s getting a little better. The Man is predicting that there’s about three or four minutes left in the match. Hope he’s right.

The Man just asked if John Morrison is actually hurt and they’re going to kayfabe a neck injury to cover for a real injury somewhere else and give Dolph Ziggler the title to give Morrison some time off. It would explain why there’s been so much mat wrestling and not the exciting moves, you’d normally expect from these guys.

Except… Dolph’s been too dominant, too much talk of his arrogance, he can’t win now. And look, Morrison just came back a bit.

Ok, now the match has picked up… And that’s a cool move, I love the standing shooting star press.

Got a love that Ziggler is willing to cheat his way to the title. Many a great heel has wont he title by cheating, it’s something of a heel tradition.

Ok, Morrison’s come back and has regained control of the match… Except, that’s no a cover… Still, this match really picked up and is starting to live up to my expectations.

The Man thought that Ziggler had it, but Morrison kicked out in again. He’s calling the match over now… Let’s see, if Ziggler can do it… No.

The Man’s really rooting for Ziggler now, thinks tonight has shown that he’s got serious skills, but it’s over… Morrison just got in. The Man’s not happy and neither am I, Ziggler deserved it more. But, despite the slow start, it was a good match.

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: John Morrison!


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