Posted by: Misha | October 5, 2009

Match #4, The Big Show and Jericho vs. Batista and Mysterio

Ok, so tag team match time. An hour in and we’ve gone through half the matches on the card… I think tha means the two big matches are going to take a while, maybe we’ll get another 40 plus minutes of Shawn Micheals and Triple H in a Hell in a Cell, this time beating the Hell out of Legacy, instead of out of each other.

Batista’s beating down on Chris Jerricho… That’s always fun. Batista has been booked pretty dominantly since his return from his last injury…

Ok, that’s why you pair a little guy with a big guy, because that move where Mysterio jumped off Batista’s shoulder was cool. Mysterio and The Big Show, that’s a bit of David vs. Goliath for you, but I give him credit for not running away from him. It’s kind of fun to watch, does that make me a bad person?

Ok, we went from watching Batista beating up on Chris Jericho to watching The Big Show toy with Rey Mysterio and now Jericho’s back… Which means, he’s up for another round of getting his ass kicked.

Ok, maybe not… But Mysterio’s bouncing back and I still think we’re going to see Jericho getting a bit more of a beating before this match ends. Oh, and here it comes, the tag is made and Jericho’s going to be a play toy for the animal for a while. Poor Jericho.

Ok, I got a love that Batista threw Jericho into The Big Show… That was actually pretty awesome and here comes the codebreaker. Is this it? Nope. Close but no cigar.

Jericho’s done being beat up and is turning things over to his much bigger partner. I have to say, if I was going to be a tag team wrestler, The Big Show’s who I would choose as my partner. I don’t care what people say, sized does matter and The Big Show has a lot of size. Though, what Mysterio lacks in size, he makes up for in guts.

Now Jericho’s back… The Man is predicting a failed lionsault and he was right. Now, both men need to make a tag, who’ll do it first. Oh, they both made it and we’re back to the serious mismatch in sizes.

Ok, that’s a mess outside the ring. Complete and utter chaos? Who are the legal men? Is it Mysterio and the Big Show? Yes, it is. Ouch, that would hurt and there it’s over. As I said, size does matter.

Winners and still United Tag Team Championshions: Chris Jericho and The Big Show


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