Posted by: Misha | October 5, 2009

Match #5, John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Orton and Cena is the 5th match? I guess that means DX vs. Legacy is the Main Event which is huge for Rhodes and DiBiase. Personally, I’m thrilled, because that was my most anticipated match of the night and I think Legacy has really earned this opportunity and now let’s see what the can do with it.

Match has started… Lots of focus on this being Orton’s last chance at the title. Yeah, he’s so winning tonight.

My roommate wandered in and commented it’s more streetfighting than wrestling. Told him that he’s watching the wrong thing. Hell in a Cell is all about street fighting. It’s all about beating the Hell out of your opponent, it’s one of the reasons I love it so much!

The Man is lamenting the lack of blood thanks to the PG WWE. Apparently, a Hell in the Cell just isn’t the same without blood… I’ve got two hot guys beating the Hell out of each, I’m still a happy camper, with or without blood.

I don’t care if the momentum has changed, I still don’t think John Cena is winning. Especially not only five minutes into actual fighting and I was right… Orton’s swung the momentum back his way. Honestly, heel’s make better champions anyway, they’re more ruthless and psycho and more fun to watch.

I love watching the Viper in action… No one does pyscho better than Randy Orton. And a counter by Orton, then a cover and a kick-out. Pretty standard stuff. Poor Cena.

Oh, there he goes again. Cena’s pissed now. This will be fun. What is Cena does. Whatever it was, it failed. But then so did that cover from Orton.

I’m enjoying watching them fight on the top rope, not something you see often from these guys… This is actually a really enjoyable match, but then Orton and Cena are two of the best in the business and they have fantastic chemistry together. I might get a little sick of seeing them wrestle, but they do do it well.

Why is Orton trying to force a rope break when there aren’t any? Oh, he was trying to crawl out of the ring, that’s smart. And there Cena goes with the STF again. Orton tapped, but there’s no official, so it doesn’t count, poor Cena.

The ref is back and Orton strikes, but Cena kicks out… These two guys are just going to push each other to the brink… Actually starting to wonder if Cena will win after all…

Ooh, I love it when Orton plays dirty. I have to admit it, I love heels and Orton is such a great heel and I love it when he tortures Cena (Cena’s line about “you actually tortured me” after Breaking Point was classic, btw). The good guys have to play by the rules, which is a bit boring and means they never get to have as much fun. And here it comes… A punt to the head and Orton’s the champion again!!!!!!!!

Winner and new WWE Champion: Randy Orton!



  1. i wanna see the match of jhhone cena and rendy orton

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