Posted by: Misha | October 5, 2009

Match #7, Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger

Now we have a Legacy promo. Ted DiBiase’s starting to outgrow Legacy, me thinks. Ooh, some disrespect from Cody Rhodes as well. Me thinks Legacy is falling apart and I agree with Orton, Legacy has no idea what they’re getting into. I love Orton`s attitude and I love that DiBiase is standing up to him, I can’t wait to see Legacy fall apart!

Oh, here`s my boy! I love The Miz and he’s totally going to be champion tonight, he has to be!

Ok, momentary delay because I’m having difficulties with my new laptop. Did something weird to the keyboard, so excuse the weird apostrophes.

So far so good, but then these are three talented young wrestlers, who all have the potential to be big stars some day. It`s 10:20, so this match will be over soon, since the main event should be at least 25 minutes…

God, I hate the phrase “All American American”. God forbid I ever agree with John Cena, but it’s terrible redundant. Ooh… I just figured out how to fix my apostrophe… Yay.

I still think The Miz is the favourite in this match. Kofi’s great and there’s no doubt that Jack Swagger is talented but The Miz is due, except… Damn! And there goes the pin. Again. I need to stop predicting a The Miz victory, because I’m always wrong and maybe if I stop predicting it, he’ll actually win..

Winner and Still US Champion: Kofi Kingston


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