Posted by: Misha | October 5, 2009

Match #8, DX vs. Legacy

And now it’s main event time and I am totally ready!

It`s a bold move to make the main event a non-title match and a big show of faith in Legacy. Yes, they’re wrestling DX, who are proven main-eventers, but it takes both sides to pull off a good match and that’s the show of faith.

I kind of love that Legacy jumped DX and interrupted their intro. Let Legacy come off strong at first, we all know that DX is going to show them the meaning of pain and Hell in a Cell. It sort of hit me that Triple H is sort of the king of cage matches. Five Hell in a Cell victories, four elimnation chamber victories and probably a few other cage match wins over the yea. Not a guy I’d want to be locked in a cage with.

Of course, they haven’t even made it into the cage yet… Does this mean the match hasn’t officially started yet? I would think not since Cody Rhodes just used the lock as a weapon… Hmm… This is very misleading. I wanted Hell in a Cell, not Hell outside of the Cell.

Still, despite this early lead by Legacy, I don’t think Legacy is winning this one. They’re too young, too cocky, plus there,s still half an hour left to go. DX is going to show Legacy the benefit of age and experience.

The match has begun and Trple H has been locked out of the cage… Hmmm, this does not look good for DX… And I think Shawn Michaels has figured that out as well. I will definitely admit that Legacy is certainly looking stronger at the moment.

The announcers and Legacy might have counted Triple H out, but I haven’t… The Game doesn’t give up easily, we all know that. He’ll figure out a way into that cage somehow… Otherwise, he’s not the Cerebal Assassin…

Triple H has made it to the cage… Now he needs to get inside… Oh, Teddy boy, you don’t want to bait The Game, it.s going to come back and bite you in the ass later, I promise you. Oh, Shawn Michaels is doing a pretty good job of evening things out himself and Triple H is doing his best to get in there, but there’s no way in and there’s Rhodes with the chair.

Ok, it’s kind of awesome that Triple H is trying to break the door with a chair. Aww, what a sweet moment through the cage and Legacy are such cocky assholes. They are so getting their’s tonight. Where’s Triple H is going? Poor Shawn Michaels, Legacy is tormenting him. They’ve definitely taken evil lessons from Randy Orton.

DiBiase’s ready to finish it, but the crowd is chanting for Triple H and I think Legacy’s time is running out… Or at least I hope so. These two don’t need Orton anymore, they’re doing a good job of being true heels all by themselves. The students might have even risen above the masters, because this is quite the show…

Here comes Triple H with the bolt cutters! I knew you couldn’t count out the Game and here he comes! I’ll take one Triple H against two members of Legacy any day and it looks like they’re about to get theirs. They should have paid better attention to Orton and learn that you can take arrogance to far, because they should have pinned Michaels when they had the chance instead of trying to play with their prey…

Turn around is fair play and Cody Rhodes is once again the whipping boy of Legacy… This reminds me of the night Stephanie McMahon arranged to have Cody trapped in a surprise cage match with Triple H at the beginning of this whole mess… Poor boy, DiBiase gets all the glory and Rhodes gets all the pain…

And Triple H has his trusty sledgehammer. I think that thing is his real best friend, no disrespect meant to Shawn Micheals… A double team from DX and it’s done! DX shows Legacy how it’s done! All these years later and they’re still the best!!! There’ll never be another DX.

What a match! What a night! Definitely well worth the money spent| I’ll do a final thoughts post in the morning, but there you have it my thoughts on Hell in a Cell as it happened. A new way of doing things that I actually really enjoyed and that I hope you enjoyed!rs


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