Posted by: Misha | October 16, 2009

There Goes the Money, Shane McMahon Resigns From the WWE

I would be an even worse blogger than I already am, if I didn’t address the subject of Shane McMahon leaving the WWE. That’s right, Shane McMahon has resigned from the company that’s been in his family for generations. This is definitely big and shocking news.

McMahon issued a statement on this morning saying, “I have never even considered a future outside the walls of the WWE. However, sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and while it is the most difficult decision I have ever made, it is time for me to move on”. Obviously there is some reason why Shane McMahon made this decision and I’m sure there’ll be lots of rumors and speculations in the days to come.

For my part, I had heard rumors of back-stage tension between Shane and Stephanie McMahon, who apparently each saw themselves as the heir apparent to the company. That Shane had always assumed he’d take over from Vince one day, but that Stephanie slowly gathered more power (leading to her being named head of creative in 2006) and that her marriage to Triple H solidified her position (or his) and lead to assumption that the married couple were now likely the ones to be left in charge. Shane’s decision to leave the company seems to add credence to these rumors.

It is possible though that Shane has simply chosen to resign to work for his mother, Linda’s, senatorial campaign an that he will rejoin the company if that is not successful. Whatever the reason, I’m sad to see Shane go. I always liked seeing him on-screen and while I can’t judge what backstage influence he had, he had been involved in the company since 1993, so I imagine he will be missed in the business offices. So, Shane, good luck in whatever you do next and maybe hopefully, someday, we’ll see you back in the WWE!


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