Posted by: Misha | October 16, 2009

Too Many Title Matches, Too Few Contendors

I mentioned in my Hell in the Cell post that I was going to talk about the title situation, so here I am. My issue isn’t how often the major titles change hands, but also the fact that despite all the changes really only the same people hold it and that one long title run would be more interesting than several short ones. That and the fact that the lesser titles never seem to change hands or at least not enough. Let’s look back at 2009 and the title situation for a moment, shall we?

The WWE title
Going into 2009, Jeff Hardy was the champion, having won the title at Armageddon, he quickly dropped the title at the first PPV of the year, The Royal Rumble to Edge. Edge dropped the title the next month at No Way Out to Triple H, who defended it successfully at Wrestlemania XXV, but dropped it to Randy Orton at Backlash. Orton successfully defended the title at Judgement Day, but dropped it to Batista at Extreme Rules. Batista’s championship reign was short lived and he vacated it the next night and then Randy Orton picked it up a week later and successfully defended it at The Bash, Night of Champions and Summerslam, before dropping it to John Cena at Breaking Point and then getting it back at Hell in A Cell. Whew, that’s a little exhausting. Eleven PPVs and seven title changes (though one of those came on free TV) in ten months. Definitely a little exhausting.

The World Heavy-Weight Championship
Going into 2009, John Cena was the champ. To give him credit, he’d held it since Survivor Series in November and didn’t drop it until No Way Out, where he dropped it to Edge and then got it back at Wrestlemania XXV, only to lose it again Backlash. Edge successfully defended the title at Judgment Day against Jeff Hardy, but dropped it to him at Extreme Rules, only to have CM Punk cash in Money in the Bank. Punk defended the title at The Bash, dropped it at Night of Champions to Hardy, but reclaimed it at Summerslam and then defended it at Breaking Point, only to drop it to the Undertaker at Hell in a Cell. That’s even more exhausting. Again eleven PPVS and eight title changes in ten months, that’s worse than the WWE title.

The major titles seems to change hands at the drop of a hat, but also to the same people. In eleven PPVs and twenty-three title matches (counting the one on the commercial-free Raw where Orton regained the championship) there have been fifteen men who have vied for the title. Not too shabby, I guess, but I’m going to count out Vadlamir Kozlov, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Mike Knox, and Kane who’s only title shots came in an Elimination Chamber. So that leaves us with ten and now I’m going to count out the Big Show, since he didn’t get a singles match for the title and because he didn’t actually win. So we’re down to nine and I think we can all agree JBL doesn’t really count, either, since his match was part of a bad storyline and it was his only major title match of the year.

So we’re down to eight men, who all held the title at least once over the last year and all participated in a minimum of two PPV matches. Pretty slim pickings when you realize you’re talking about two titles, basically it’s been a four man field for each title. How exciting, especially since Jeff Hardy has now left the company and we’re down to seven men. I think we can all agree the WWE needs some new blood. I mean who wants to just keep seeing the same combinations over and over?

First of all, I think Orton is a good person to hold the WWE title and that he should hold it until at least the Royal Rumble and maybe defend it against some new blood. I’d love to see MVP get a title match or even Jack Swagger or Kofi Kingston or The Miz. I don’t know if they’re ready to win it, but I’d like to see them compete. If we want Main Eventers, I’d be happy to see Shawn Michaels or the Big Show get a legitimate shot, but I think both of them will be tied up with tag team action for a while.

On Smackdown, I’d like to see Punk get the title and carry it to early next year, because I think he, like Orton, is a great heel champion. Again, there are some talented young guys who could do well from a title shot–such as John Morrison or Dolph Ziggler. I’d rather not see Batista go for it again, but only because his reigns seem so short. Chris Jericho would be a good foil for Punk, though he’s currently busy with the tag team event. I’d just like to see fresh blood.

I don’t think the trouble is too many change overs, but too few competitors. Make the reigns longer and worth more and let more people challenge for them and I think the WWE would become more interesting to watch. Either that, or drop one of the titles and have everyone fight over it–that would certainly make things more interesting.



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