Posted by: Misha | October 17, 2009

Legacy Starts to Self-Destruct on Raw

Ok, so I missed the ball on last week’s Raw. I really am a bad blogger, but I’m working on it. I really did enjoy it, but to be fair there was nothing that I regret not mentioning, except that it does seem inevitable and fitting for DX to have the tag team titles on what is probably their last run, but more on that in a separate post. Otherwise, it was good, but it was unremarkable and we can skip to this week.

The best part of Raw was the beginning of the end of Legacy. I’m not sure why either Ted or Cody wants to be on a team captained by DX, but it lead for some interesting progress in the Legacy story. Ted and Cody’s egos are clashing as they each want to be the rising star of Legacy and their both sick of toeing Randy’s line and he sees it coming and doesn’t know how to keep them in line. I can’t wait to see how this develops in the weeks to come, but it should be classic.

Nancy O’Dell and Maria Menounos were not nearly as bad as I feared they would be. Not to say they were good, but they weren’t terrible either. They weren’t Jeremy Piven or ZZ Top bad. And the Menounos tag match was entertaining and she did ok, so I guess that’s pretty much all one can ask. It wasn’t made of fail the way I thought it would be, I’ll concede that much.

The diva’s title change was confusing, though with Mickie James being one of the ones trades, it made a little more sense. I feel bad for Jillian Hall though, since I thought it was a neat and daring move for the WWE to put the title on her, but it was not to be. So we get another Melina title run. Yay. Plus the two best divas from the Raw Roster have gone to Smackdown and we get the Bella twins instead. Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

The DX bit was pretty funny, especially with the cardboard cutout of Shawn Michaels that Triple H had set up to direct his conversation to while he talked to him on the phone. I especially loved that “Sexy Boy” was the answering machine message. And, I admit it, the Shawnswoggle part made me laugh. No idea where that is going and knowing the WWE, it’ll probably be stupid, but… It might be at least a little funny, which is all I can hope for, and DX are always entertaining.

I don’t really care about the Bragging Rights concept, so the try-outs didn’t mean that much to me. Though I wonder why the wrestlers are supposed to care? People cross over from show to show all the time. *shrug* It is beyond me to try and figure out how the WWE comes up with any concept, it really is.

I cheered when The Miz announced that he would be facing his former Tag Team partner at Bragging Rights (oh, that’s the other noteable thing from last week–The Miz is U.S Champ and I’m a happy girl!) One of the reasons I wanted The Miz to gain the title and John Morrison to retain was so that this match could happen–the reunion of former allies, now on different sides. It should be classic.


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