Posted by: Misha | October 17, 2009

More of Shane McMahon’s WWE Exit

Shane McMahon’s resignation is all over the mainstream media, meaning it is probably not the work that some people on the internet suggested this morning. I was surprised to see the news had made it onto my Yahoo! newsbar, mainly because I think that the mainstream media likes to pretend the WWE doesn’t exist. The attention this is getting proves how big this news is and it’s also made me want to explain my feelings on the whole situation.

I think we all still think of the WWE as the McMahon family company (despite the fact that it is a publicly owned company with shareholders and such) and more than that, the McMahons have been very much a part of the story-line aspect. Even though Shane and Stephanie have made only sporadic appearances in the last few years, I think we got used to seeing them and knowing they could pop up at any time. Knowing that Shane has left the company and won’t be coming back (or probably not), well it feels weird.

I can take or leave Vince’s on-screen character (though I have lots of respect for Vince the business man), Linda never made much of an impression so her absence doesn’t mean much, but Shane and Stephanie… They are probably two of my favourite WWE “characters” and I especially love the sibling rivalry between them and how well they play off each other, whether as allies or enemies.

Besides, though I complained about the Shane/Legacy feud, I do enjoy watching Shane in the ring and I think he’s just a fun person to watch, both in the ring and doing promos. So, it’s sad too realize that those days are coming to an end and that we’ve seen the end of Shane O’Mac. The WWE will feel a little emptier, a little less fun now that there’s no chance of him popping up and hitting the coast to coast on anyone.

Goodbye Shane, you will be missed.


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