Posted by: Misha | October 24, 2009

Boring Rematches Make Smackdown Fall Flat

Does anyone really believe that the changed Smackdown line-up was the plan the whole time? Obviously all the criticism about the weakness of the Smackdown team in comparison to the Raw one made them change their minds. Can’t say I blame them, the new team is much stronger. The only member of the old team I felt should have stayed was Dolph Ziggler, since I think he deserves a push, but everyone else could go. Matt Hardy, R-Truth, Finlay and the Hart Dynasty will definitely add character to the Smackdown team and I’m thrilled that the Hart Dynasty finally appear to be getting a decent push.

Still, I think it’s a bad move to change the line-up two days before the PPV, which honestly seems a little lame to begin with. I think the WWE went about this whole Bragging Rights thing the wrong way. It could have been a neat idea, but they’ve handled it so badly that I honestly don’t care who wins and I don’t think anyone really does. Not a huge Cyber Sunday fan, but it was a better gimmick.

Mickie James looked better than she has in a long time, which is good because I think Mickie is one of the most talented women on the roster, despite the fact that she’s been off lately. I think the move to Smackdown and some fresh competition will do her good. Plus it was nice to see Mae Young and I always enjoy watching Michelle McCool get slapped around, so that was a plus.

For some reason, Vince McMahon is the one out to screw the Undertaker. Not sure where that is going and not sure I care. I just want the title back on Punk and I want him to not be a heel. Please? I think Punk makes a great face and is a character with such a good message and he’s a total waste as a heel. I’m hoping creative comes to their senses soon, but I’m not betting on it.

All in all the show was meh and not good-enough for a go-home show. There was nothing there to get me psyched about the PPV and nothing to convince me not to change the channel (which my roommate begged me multiple times to do), nothing except for this blog. It was bad, people, really bad.


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