Posted by: Misha | October 28, 2009

Raw Soars Despite Bad Guest Hosts

I didn’t think Raw could have a worst guest host than Jermey Piven. I was wrong, in fact it got two of them: Kyle Busch and Joey Lagano. First, I admit it, I’m not a Nascar fan, I just don’t get it. I grew up watching Indy and Formula One, and quite honestly, don’t understand them either. I don’t consider driving a car at an insane speed a sport; a death wish, maybe, but not a sport.

Bad guest hosts aside, Raw was actually pretty good. Mainly because of the elevation of Kofi Kingston. I’d be predicting a Kofi/Cody Rhodes feud, not a Kofi/Randy Orton feud, but that’s where it looks like I’m going, which is amazing for Kofi. Orton needed a new opponent (before his inevitable Mania feud with Ted DiBiase) and Kingston is well deserving on this kind of push.

I also like the idea of a Jack Swagger/The Miz feud, since these are two arrogant young men and have a lot of potential as rivals. I just hope the WWE handles it well and doesn’t drop the ball the way it did with what could have been an entertaining MVP/Jack Swagger rivalry from earlier this year.

The explanation for The Big Show’s treachery made no sense to me, but then a lot of things the WWE does make no sense to me, so I’m letting it go. I figure all will be explained on Smackdown (I hope) and I did enjoy watching The Big Show get the beat down from most of the Raw roster.

As for the the main event… At first I thought it was a little soon for the beginning of the end of DX, then I realized that there are only four PPVs between now and the next Wrestlemania. So if they have a triple threat at Survivor Series, then it allows three PPVs for DX to completley fall apart, before we get a HBK vs. Triple H match at Wrestlemania 26. Plus, I think it’ll be a great match.



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