Posted by: Misha | November 17, 2009

Quick Thoughts on Two Weeks of Raw

I’ve been a bad blogger, mainly because I’ve been sick. One of those nasty colds that just seems to be lingering and lingering, plus I’ve got a ton of my plate right now, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that I’ve missed two weeks of recaps. Oops. So here’s my condensed thoughts on the last two weeks of Raw.

I’m loving the Cena/Triple H/Shawn Michaels promos, these three have good chemistry. I know the angle should be played as more serious as it is, especially between the members of DX, but there’s still several months between now and Wrestlemania (where we all know we’re getting a HBK/HHH match) and they’ve got time to get to the serious stuff, so right now I think they’re making the right decision. Let things fall apart after Survivor Series.

I’m really enjoying the elevation of Kofi Kingston and his feud with Randy Orton. It’s been very well-done so far and it moves Kofi closer to main event status, I move I think he’s been ready for for sometime. I also like that Ted DiBiase seems to be taking on more of a “Millon Dollar” man attitude, with the comments to his financial status, I’ve been predicting a face turn for him, but a change in that direction would be just as good, I think.

I love the Miz and I love the idea of a The Miz/Jack Swagger rivalry, I just hope it’s done well and not dropped suddenly like the potentially awesome Jack Swagger/MVP rivalry from earlier this summer.

Seamus is coming out strong and I kind of like it. It might be a little soon, but let him build a reputation and get some heat. The attack on Jamie Noble looked vicious, which was the point. I winced at the bumps Noble took and it definitely made Seamus look like a monster, which was the whole point.

Final thought: Ozzy Osbourne made a much better guest host than Ricky Hatton. In fact, the Prince of Darkness was kind of awesome, Sharon got on my nerves fast thought.


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