Posted by: Misha | November 30, 2009

Raw Getting Better, Still A Few Complaints

Sorry, it’s been illness central around here. Plus it’s essay season. Ugh. I really am trying to be a better blogger, just don’t always succeed. It’s one of my big priorities for 2010, write my posts on time and keep this blog running smoothly. I figure I have a few weeks left in 2009 to figure out how to do that and I might actually get things on track by the time 2010 comes along.

Once again, I’m two weeks behind. Oops. So just some quick thoughts on the last two weeks and I promise that tomorrow I’ll have tonight Raw’s review up and be back up to regular recaps. Plus a few other articles.

I really, really hate the DX/Hornswoggle storyline. Just saying. Not looking forward to “Little People’s Court” at all. Plus, as much as I want DX to hold the tag team championships, I can’t say I’m thrilled at the idea of DX vs. Jerishow in a TLC match. Just saying. I almost can’t wait for the inevitable DX break-up (which will happen after they drop the titles at Royal Rumble, after picking them up at TLC), just so the stupidity can end. Love DX, don’t love DX with Hornswoggle.

Both Roddy Piper and Jesse Ventura did a great job as guest hosts. With Ventura, I have to say I loved seeing Vince back behind the announcers table, sparring with Ventura… Brought back my childhood.

There’s a lot of great young talent on Raw right now. Legacy, Kofi Kingston, The Miz… So with all these potential superstars, why is it that Sheamus is the one who gets a title shot? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see fresh blood. As I wrote a while back, it was getting boring having the same guys compete in the main event week after week. However, Seamus wouldn’t have been my choice for new blood, since I think there are guys more worthy of a push. That said, I love how strong both Kofi Kingston and The Miz are looking these days and I can’t wait for the day they both get the push they deserve, and with Kingston’s feud with Orton, I think for him at least, the push is starting.

The Raw thanksgiving special was fun, especially the Santino bit with the pie. I’m still not sure what the point of Santino is, because at this part I’d be hard-pressed to call him a wrestler, but at least he’s entertaining.

Raw is getting better each week, which is good, because for a while it was absoloutley awful. The guest host gimmick is working for the most part, though I’ve noticed it’s better when the guest hosts are former wrestlers, and the elevation of young talent is great and helping make the show seem less stale. Raw is doing an awful lot right these days, which I guess is all we can ask and is what I’m thankful for.


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