Posted by: Misha | December 1, 2009

DX and Jerishow Can’t Save Terrible Raw

Remember how I said Raw was getting better? How lately it had been a vastly improved product over what we were forced to watch last spring? Well, I guess the WWE wanted to prove me wrong because last night’s Raw sucked big time.

I’ll cut them a little slack, it was the last show before they left for their annual Tribute to the Troops tour, I’m sure people were distracted and already concentrating on the worthy thing they do overseas and figured ‘we can just spit this one out quickly without giving it much thought’. The problem with that, is that you tend to get a product that’s not very good and that’s what happened last night.

First, I beg and plead that I will never again have to see Mark Henry either dance or rap on my TV screen ever again. The whole angle with him, Verne Troyer and The Miz was incredibly painful. At last The Miz was, as always, entertaining. He really is one of the best mic guys in the company right now and every week my love for him grows, but even with his presence, the whole thing was a waste of time.

Speaking of wastes of time… Diva matches. They’re generally short, they’re usually tag matches, and they’re always bad. Anyway, tonight’s match with Melina and Gail Kim vs. Maryse and Jillian Hall was no exception and was pretty bad, though thankfully short. I’m sorry, maybe it’s because I’m a woman and thus, am not that intrigued by the T&A factor, but I always find the diva matches a total waste, which is sad because I think some of the women are very talented. I just think the whole thing is handled badly and that the WWE has no idea what to do with the divas in the new family-friendly environment.

So Randy Orton’s so afraid of Kofi Kingston he needed his goons to beat him down first? I guess that’s a good sign for Kofi and that he’s getting a strong push, but it makes me feel a little sad for Orton. For a Mega Bad Ass feel, he seems to be a pretty big coward, just sayin’. Still, I am enjoying the elevation of Kofi Kingston and watching Orton mix it up with fresh blood, so even though tonight’s angle didn’t thrill me, I am enjoying the storyline on a whole.

Count me in as one who likes the new Bad Ass Cena. Cena was angry last night and for the first time in 2009, he was interesting. He was intense and on edge and I liked it. I also liked that they had Carlito come in and speak up for the rest of the locker room, though I think that message needs to be directed at more than Cena. DX and Orton are pretty good at hogging the spot light as well.

I love Chris Jericho and I love DX, but that promo at the beginning was pretty painful. Still, the match at the end of the night was good and I enjoyed HBK and The Big Show on commentary. Triple H really needs to start wearings pants for his promos though, he looked especially silly next to Jericho in his suit, just sayin’. Next we get Jericho vs. DX, which should be interesting, at least I hope so. To be fair, it would have to try pretty hard to be worse than this week’s Raw and I think we’re all praying that doesn’t happen.


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